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2004-06-16 - 6:15 p.m.

I'm so proud of myself. I finally got the vacation all booked up. The reservations are made. I was worried about it since I ended up waiting so long. There were a couple of hitches in the plan that brought me to this late date for booking a trip we are departing on day after tomorrow!

Hitch #1: As I was talking to my mother (the all important babysitter) I had the horrible realization that Myra did not really prepare mom for the fact that our vacation is going to be 5 days and not just a weekend. That's not something you can just spring on mom with no notice. Without the babysitter, the whole plan is screwed. Fortunately, I anticipated just this sort of problem and I had a back-up plan. I invited mom and dad to go. We will all wrestle the precious little angels amongst ourselves, but Dad is the one who really gets the raw end of the deal. He's the guy who will be watching the kids while all the ladies are in the spa. Good ole Dad.

So the new and improved plan was formed: Mom and Dad go with us to Hot Springs and then they bring the kids home with them while Myra and I go on to Eureka Springs childlessly. This is just swell with me. The kids will be in our room for the first part of the vacation and I won't have an escape hatch like I do at home, but we will all have fun as a family and then we will get to do the Eureka Springs part of the trip without the kids.

Then came hitch 2: Myra wrecks her car. You may remember, gentle reader, that last time we went to Hot Springs, I wrecked my car the day we were supposed to leave. Every time we plan a trip to Hot Springs, someone wrecks a car. Since I wasn't sure Myra would want to go still, I had to wait about booking the trip. Turns out, she does want to go.

Hitch #3: The "tower" (read 'part of the hotel we like the best') is all booked up. We had to take a different type of room for a higher price, but we'll still be in for the same spa treatments and that great breakfast buffet that we love, so it's not so bad.

Hitch #4: The kennel was full. No room for Abby. But this hurdle was easily scaled since I was able to find a nicer kennel that will be more homey and less like a visit to the vet. I filled the lady in on the fact that Abby is a black hole of emotional need. She threw me one more wrench in the plan by telling me I have to give her a copy of Abby's shot record to make sure she's up to date on her shots. She is up to date, but I have to make a trip over to the vet's office to get a copy of it. This lady who has run a kennel for 23 years doesn't have a fax.

Oh please... let me make a special trip and hand carry it to you! She should give me a discount for the inconvenience.

Something really good happened today. I was making our reservations at an expensive bed and breakfast in Eureka Springs and the price is 160 bucks per night. We wanted to stay 2 nights. I asked the lady if she would cut us a deal and over the conversation I ended up getting 2 nights for the price of one!! I love it.

I'll post pictures of this incredible place when we get back. I don't want to say exactly where we are staying in case a crazy person reads my journal and would like to come crash our party. Ya know, a coupla tasty babes like us have to watch ourselves.

Tomorrow I am taking the car to get the oil changed, withdrawing my vacation cash, and getting the shot record from the vet. Then I pack, and on Friday we're off like a prom dress.

Yeah baby, yeah.

I'm sure I'll come back with stories to tell. I hope it's not tooooo awfully hot over the next few days.

I'm going to the mall to see if I can find anything good to wear. I'm sick of every thread of clothing I own.

I washed my hair in the sink today and nothing attacked me or exploded, so I'm feeling lucky. Tonight when I take a shower, it may be a new story. We'll see.

I'm getting a lot of googles for ghost stories lately. Are people gearing up for Halloween already? I have 3 new ghostie things to tell about in my next entry.

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