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2004-01-13 - 9:47 a.m.


There is an entire subculture of people in the haunting industry? What a very interesting creative field to be in. There are magazines for “haunters”. There are organizations, supporting businesses where supplies and props can be bought, and people doing everything from creating latex masks to offering their acting skills for a price. It is a very elaborate deal. These “haunters” are the kind of people who note all the thrilling details such as peeling wallpaper and billowing cobwebs with utter glee. They happily discuss evil fetuses and the criminally insane mothers who try to flush them. The prospect of making their guests barf or otherwise soil their clothing sends these people in to a reverie of joyfulness.

It’s their happy place.

Oh, the things we talked about last night…

I heard these words come out of my sister’s mouth last night: “Can we get an air cannon or something and just blow a bloody fetus against the wall?”

Here are some assorted comments I heard over the course of the meeting:

“No, it’s going to be a fountain of poo.”

“Cream style corn and oatmeal makes the best barf.”

“Should this be a suicide scene, or a murder?”

“You make ‘em get in the coffin, then you slide ‘em down the chute.”

Here’s a conversation I had with someone:

ME: “Let’s separate the people into groups of no more than 4, lead them into a small admission desk area and then inform them that one of them is being committed to the asylum, then we slap a Velcro straight jacket on the victim and they have to depend on their friends to get them through the haunted insane asylum.”

THEM: “If they’re in a straight-jacket, how are they going to move their arms?”

ME: “They’re not. That’s the whole point. They have to depend on their group to get them through.”

THEM: “Well, that would be bad to be in a dark, scary, haunted house with your arms pinned down.”

ME: “I know. Sucks to be them.”

We had a pretty productive meeting last night. Some plans were laid down, some new sketches were done, and some older ideas were fleshed out. This years’ haunts are going to be vile and nasty. I’ll say that much right now. Myra and I are probably going to be very sorry we got involved in this eventually, because of the time commitment. I was pretty tired last night and stressed out from a long Monday, and then we had to get ready and beat a trail over to the meeting.

No rest for the wicked.

But it’s fun right now!

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