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2004-10-23 - 11:06 p.m.

My dog is trying to train me to "stay". I learned the other tricks much easier than this one. She didn't have to work this hard to get me to "give Abby treats" or "let Abby outside". She becomes annoyed when I leave the room she is in, unless I go into the kitchen, which she doesn't mind for some reason.

Every room I go into, Abby follows me and immediately sets about the tedious task of getting comfortable. As soon as she closes her eyes, I jump up and run off to do something. She wishes I would just pick a spot and go with it.

Hold up...

I must discontinue this riveting topic in order to bring you a description of the unusual moment I just witnessed on Saturday Night Live. The muscial guest was Ashley Simpson. She lip-synched her first song, then when the time came for the second song, the band started playing the same song they already did! Her voice started... but she wasn't moving her lips. Oopsie! She jumped around for a second, the band tried to play it off while grinning at each other and looking like they didn't quite know what to do.... then Ashley had a bit of a teenager moment, in which she bolted off screen. They cut to commercial and apparently she won't be doing song two.

I just watched the end of the show. Ashley Simpson came out and explained that her band started playing the wrong song. Way to lay the blame right down at the feet of the band members. hehe. It was their fault, but still... Jude Law (who hosted tonight) said "What can I say? Live TV." Funny.

I'm restless. I'm in a mood to sell everything I have and leave town. This happens to me fairly often. I'd like to move. I'd like to live in a totally different environment, a different climate, in a building with a very different architectural design. I'm bored with everything right now.


Must be totally hormonal. Some days I'm filled with optimism and excitement and other days I'm sick of everything. Need I even say it?


There, I said it.

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