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2004-06-02 - 12:25 a.m.

Well, Here I sit at Myra's pc which I masterfully reformatted so that we could have some access to the internet. I am so fed up with Bellsouth I could scream. I wonder if I could possibly get the cable people out faster than I could have gotten the phone company out to fix the crappy and perpetually non-working phone line.

Of course there is something to be said for having more than one source for internet. If one is down, the other is working. It does seem that if one set up is working, the other is somehow out of commission though. Myra's pc died a horrible adware and virus type death. I have brought it back from the hereafter, so we're in business once again.

Our phone line won't be working until Saturday. That's the estimate. So if you have our phone number and thought about calling us... hold off.

I don't have anything very funny or exciting to talk about today. Let's just say it is my time of the month to be annoyed with everything. The DSL picked a fabulous time to go out on me. A certain somebody is very amused with the fact that I get "fed up" with everything once a month.

I never see it coming. I don't keep track of my cycle very well, but when I hear myself say "I am FED UP with this house!" or whatever it is I happen to be fed up with at that moment, I know that it is my special time of the month. If I'm not on it, I will be within a day.

I don't know why I always say that same phrase, but I do. I guess that is a phrase I reserve for severe frustration. Yes, I've been quite soundly fed up today.

You know what else I'm really fed up with??? Myra's mouse. It sucks like a hoover on ecstasy, and not in a good way.

Me thinks Myra may need to cleaneth the mousey ball. Dirty mouse balls have brought down entire countries.

And get a farkin mouse pad while you're at it!!!


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