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2004-06-13 - 2:07 a.m.

Possum Kitty

My cat Possum thinks he is a wee kitten.

I know this because he loves kitten chow instead of regular cat food and also because he curls up to sleep in impossibly small places.

A little while ago I tossed a clean, dry, washcloth into my bathroom towards the sink and it landed on the bare bathroom floor. That was going to be my face washing cloth, but now Possum is curled up, asleep, on top of it. He tried to tuck everything in so he fits on the washcloth, but if I didn't know the washcloth was there, I would never have guessed it. Fattie has it totally covered over, except for one tiny corner. He's snoozing it up as if he were on a big fluffy cushion.

Silly cat.

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