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2003-09-23 - 6:27 p.m.



I can feel my readership dwindling to nothing every time I find myself waiting for a banner to appear. I know what you are thinking... why don't I just submit them earlier so they will run more seamlessly? And to this question I say "Now you are splitting hairs." Watch me transparently dodge the blame...

SOOOOOO.... I kicked some asses and took some names at work today. I'm all done taking ass chewings for other people not getting their work done. So I cracked the whip like the evil bitch I really am, down deep where it counts.

I forced people to come finish their chart work. I issued ultimatums. I rendered nasty threats. I used appalling scare tactics. I closed many-a-chart this day and I'm happy.

If the playground bully shows up tomorrow and throws another fit or threatens my paycheck again, I may resort to physical violence. I've just about had it.

Today I found out that a valuable member of our team (and a very hard to replace one) is leaving. Way to go, playground bully... you lost us another good one. Just by being yourself.

She gave her notice already. If I had known of a really good local opportunity to make the same money I make now, or even slightly less money, I would have left too. Just as soon as bully-boy opened his hole and started dribbling assinine bullshit from it. Um, do I sound bitter?


Let's go for a happy vibe. Hmmmmmm.... Today I almost had to wear one black shoe and one brown one, because the kleptomaniac we lovingly refer to around here as "the baby", steals one shoe only. Never does she gank a matching set. I have to search each day to find two alike shoes. It was touch and go today. I did manage to find two matching shoes, but they are the wrong shoes. I wanted the other pair. We now have a baby gate at the front of the hall to stop old sticky fingers from making it to my room. She loves Mimi's make up, books, and shoes. She likes to draw whiskers on her face and be a kitty. We love her more than life itself. Now where's my shoe???

One day this week, Myra and I are going out to the Edge Of Madness where we get to have a lights on tour of the 3 haunted houses. I, for one, am stoked. I love it. I'd like to help out with the planning phase of it. I have some good ideas and a natural talent for scaring the crap out of people.

Check out this website:


It's a good website and it has film clips from last year. It really is a scary event. The sneak preview is Saturday, but it runs all the way to early November, weekends only, through most of that time. Myra Mains makes their commercials. I love Halloween.


We have a team member at my hospital who is the King-of-Inappropriate-Comments-During-Meetings. Today,Cap'n Hoof-in-Mouth said that for employee appreciation week he wants to sponsor a "loudest fart contest" in his department. He said this in front of our new and very dignified administrator.

Now that I have mentioned farts and the workplace again, it should thrill the soul of whoever it was that googled the words "farting at work" to get to my site. People are funny, man.

So, the inappropriate comment-maker also referred to a patient's bed bath as a "prostitute bath" in front of the administrator and I was embarassed for him, though he didn't have the wherewithall to be embarassed for himself. I mean, we all know what a prostitute is washing - and why. EGADS MAN.

I really like this particular plain spoken young man. He is lucky to be as cute and likeable as he is aside from his hoof in mouth disease, else he'd be widely reviled, I'm sure. He's a very compassionate, likeable person. But you just never know what he is going to say next.

He's a pill. He is a marketer and is supposed to hold an admission meeting to ask permission before bringing in a patient. Today, he called an assessment in on his cell phone and we had a conference-call admission meeting. When we decided the patient was approved for a stay with us, our marketer said "We'll be there in 4 minutes." He had already loaded the patient up in his truck before calling us!!! I guess he was feeling confident.

It's all in a day's work...

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