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2003-10-01 - 12:36 p.m.


There is a pretty simple solution for guilt. The solution is:

Do the absolute best you can, always try do the right thing, and do not EVER let yourself down.

Don't be someone you can't respect.

This is a decision you make within yourself, nothing more.

No one can make you feel guilty when you are not guilty.

Here's the rationale behind my platform: If I came up to you and shamed you for stealing apples and you had not stolen any apples, you would just think I was a fool. It wouldn't induce any guilt at all. However, if you had been stealing apples like a mofo, you'd feel guilty.

So in your life, especially if you are sensitive to guilt, always do the right thing. Even if it means you don't get what you want every time.

If you have done the best job you could do, if you have parented to the best of your ability, and you have done what you owe to the universe as a human being, then you don't have to feel guilty, no matter what anyone thinks.

But if you are trying to escape what you owe as a parent or a citizen, or you are trying to do something that you know is wrong, especially if it hurts other people, you are digging yourself a guilt pit that you will never escape. The wrong that you do has a ripple effect. No amount of hacking through the gristle will help you forget that you knowingly hurt other people and let your desires come before your childrens needs and your own standards of decency.

If you believe in God, you'd better not break his commandments. If you believe in Karma, you'd better not hurt that person in order to give yourself a treat. If you are feeling guilty, you are doing something you know is wrong and that is the only reason you are feeling the guilt.

When you have standards and decency, and you fall below your own standards, it creates self loathing and guilt. Don't be that. That creates a loser.

If you somehow find the ability to cut off your guilt and go with your baser instincts in order to scratch an itch, you are selling your soul dirt cheap, letting yourself down, and letting everyone who loves you, especially your children, down as well.

Don't be that person. You are better than that.

PS: The above essay on "Guilt" has nothing to do with any specific persons, living or dead, who may take offense to the ramblings herein. However, persons who are able to apply this to their current circumstances bettah RECOGNIZE. Such hypothetical persons are deeply loved and there is a great desire to protect said persons from all manner of hurts and evils which are forever tapping on the cottage door.

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