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2003-12-04 - 5:48 p.m.


The phone line in Teetsville is restored! Finally!!

BAD NEWS: I'm sick yet again. It's my 4th separate illness in about a month or so. I am taking Zinc and Vitamin C. Somebody pray. ::wheeze::


We found out the identity and a few other interesting facts about a certain NUTBAG who was being rather vocal against my sister in her recent misfortune.

Let me tell ya folks, I was somewhat shocked and amused to find that the person who fairly bubbled over with indignant self-righteous contempt for my sister and the circumstances she found herself in, is in actuality, a crazy-ass internet stalker.

This woman had no involvement in the scandal that she was commenting on, but purely as a third party observer, (and a biased friend of the other party) she condemned us and used the words "train wreck" with more frequency than you'd see the name "Chin" in a chinese phone book. We knew something was wacked out with this person just from reading her posts, but now that we really have her number, it is just absolutely amazing that she ventured to fling poo in anyone elses direction.

Without naming her outright, I'll just say this person has been stalking at least one other friend of ours and upon reading her diary, you can quickly spot the crazy.

Not so much crazy as WRONGNESS. Very very wrong. Like a knee, bent back the wrong direction.

I sense that this particular nutbag started out hating on us but has somewhat changed her mind. She probably read our diaries and followed what actually happened and realized she had it all wrong and had blamed the wrong party.

I feel kind of bad about saying this stuff, because I'm certain she reads my diary. I think when she likes someone, she likes the Hell out of them - way above and beyond all sanity and it just sort of gets out of hand. I think that's why she stalks my friend. It started out as "liking".

It takes all kinds to make a world. Yes?

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