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2004-03-26 - 7:42 p.m.

As the saga continues...


I was hired by an unscrupulous misogynist to be HIM Director / PPS Coordinator for his new hospital. This notorious tightwad had an evil plan to use good professional people to set up his hospital and get everything running smooth so that he could then get rid of them and replace them with cheaper workers.

Of course, this plan was never voiced in any of the interviews. The good professional people came to work there believing this was going to be a career, or at least a long term employment situation. Everyone was enthusiastic and threw their best efforts into making this hospital a success. This was achieved.

And so the downgrading process began...

I don't know everyone elses story and all the tricks they pulled to get rid of each of the salaried department heads, but suffice it to say, all targeted employees were badly mistreated until they became enraged and quit. One by one, two by two, almost our entire staff has turned over in the past month or two.

We lost all our good dependable RNs, one particularly good LPN, our billing department head, our housekeeping dept head, our front desk receptionist, human resources lady, social worker, our director of nurses, a ward clerk who made "too much money", the director of support services, utilization review, our occupational therapist, the OT assistant, and our physical therapist. Mind boggling. I am tenacious as all hell, so I held firm under the barrage of shit they threw at me trying to get me to resign and miss out on any unemployment benefits.

The owner really enjoys firing people and upon occasion, he comes in and just fires a few CNAs, or what have you. He "fired" our director of nurses after she had already given her resignation letter. She was staying so they would have coverage if the state survey happened. It was very gracious of her to offer to do that for them, but he loves to fire people, she was leaving anyway, and gosh golly Bob, she was *there* on the day when he felt like firing someone. So he fired her and then later called us all together to tell us what a bunch of time clock riding, company cheating, no working, slackers we are and he used the example of him firing the DON to demonstrate that "I think you can all see I mean business here."

In his quest to get rid of me, he cut my pay by 8K per year.

I didn't quit, so they decided to insult me by snatching away my internet connection, thus crippling my department and making all of my tasks much more difficult. Double insulting was the fact that every other computer in the company has internet access. Still, I didn't quit. It had become a war of wills.

Fire me, asshole, or lay me off. I'm not quitting.

So they started writing me up for bogus reasons. They began the paper trail by setting the time clock ahead, and capturing almost every employee with a tardiness write up. We were getting there around 7:57 am, but it showed on their time clock as 8:03. Is that legal?

When my dog died and my other dog was sick, I had a day when I was 9 minutes late. I clocked in at 8:09. Such a rebel am I.

For this heinous infraction of the rules, I was suspended without pay for 3 days. They thought for sure that I would not come back after that. But I did.

So when I came back from my 3 day exile, I came in early. I clocked in at 7:15 Thursday and 7:30 on Friday. I wanted to hurry up and get in there and see what they coded in my absence. I suspected it would be wrong, but I had no idea it was going to be as far off as it was. I only recoded 7 of them, but found about 20 grand that they lost in billing.

They screwed me out of 3 days of pay, so I won't be fixing their problem, brought on by suspending me, unless I am paid fairly and in advance.

I suspected they would not agree to that, because they are jackasses and would rather lose money than let me win. I knew I would most likely have to separate from my job and go away with the happy knowledge that they lost a bundle in just 3 days' time, by suspending me and they will continue to lose, because unless they pay me by contract, I won't be back. And that is fine with me.

But circumstances saved me from having to give in and quit. This ridiculous puppet who carries out the owner's ill-conceived plans called me into his office at the end of the day (of course), and I saw the write up slip on his desk as soon as I walked in. I'm in trouble again.... I'm SUCH a rebel. I wondered what he could possibly write me up for this time....

He asked me why I felt it necessary to come in at 7:15 in the morning. I gave him 3 good reasons.

I've been out all week and had a lot of stuff to do and things to put on the census before the 8:00 meeting.

I knew my lunch break would go long, because I'm checking on my sick dog on my lunch breaks and I made up 45 minutes at the start of the work day.

I just came off suspension for 3 days for a second offense tardy and I am trying to avoid a third offense.

He was pissed off that I came in early because he read between the lines and saw that my message to him is that I will not be fired for tardiness. He would have to start over with a new series of write ups and create a whole new paper trail or else fire me outright or lay me off. It pissed him off no end that I messed up his tardiness rap that he had put so much effort into.

He told me this was unacceptable because it is "riding the time clock". I countered with REALITY and said: "I am a *salaried* employee, I could put in an extra hour every day and it would never affect my paycheck. It's not possible for a salaried employee to 'ride the time clock'."

Why are salaried employees even punching a time clock here?

He said he was not going to argue with me, but clocking in early is an offense and he was going to have to terminate me.

Read this one mo' time: He was firing me because I showed up for work early.

I laughed, gave a short parting speech in which I gave him his first hint that his 3 day suspension had cost his facility a buttload of money and that I was working on recovering that for them, but now it will have to be done on a consulting basis, or lost entirely. OOPSIE.

I bid him good luck in finding a coder to do my job, because our DON is one of the most intelligent and capable people on the planet and she had 2 coders to help her and still they managed to miss 20 grand on just half the cases they did, they will definitely have quite a financial loss coming in the weeks and months that they have to attempt it without me.

I stated that I'll be glad to code all their cases for them in the future, for my old consulting fee, just like before I went full time. If they are too proud to take that deal, then they are even more dumb than they seem. I am the one who was mistreated and stabbed in the back and if I can rise above it and get the job done, it looks like they could take care of business instead of nursing their little grudge.

But I doubt it.

One of the owners of the hospital is a misogynist. He especially hates women who have obvious strength, intelligence, and personal power. He hates ANY person, regardless of gender, that he cannot intimidate or bully in some way. The other owner is a nice little fellow who doesn't have the wherewithall to stand up to the misogynist.

They've enjoyed great success with this hospital, due to the hard work of some talented professionals. They have gotten rid of most of them and replaced them with cheaper workers and now begins the facility's downward spiral. They are in essence losing a huge sum of money so that they can save a small amount of money off their payroll costs. It will bring about the demise of this hospital.

And then they'll have a big tax write off. Or was that the goal all along?

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