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2004-11-23 - 3:12 a.m.

You may have noticed, Gentle Reader, that I have been missing in action for the past few days. This is entirely the fault of a certain Philadelphia dweller, and not at all for the good reasons you may already be imagining...

He inflicted a nasty, horrible puzzle on me and I'm going to inflict it on you. This is the kind of pain that needs to be shared.

This puzzle is so ungodly difficult, that I fear I will still be working on it when I'm 98. I didn't sleep at all for the first night I worked on this thing. I tried... oh yes, I tried. I went to bed and after less than 5 minutes, an idea popped into my head that was so crazy, it just might work! So I sprang out of bed and hopped right back on the puzzle, tried my idea and it worked. I beat a couple more levels before I collapsed from fatigue.

Here's the deal: This is an evil puzzle in which the object of the game is to escape each level. Level 1 is easy. You just click on the doorknob in the picture and you are on to level 2. At level 2, a pop up stops you from getting anywhere near the doorknob and you must figure out how to get around it. Each level has a puzzle to solve to get to the next level.

Pay attention to the url on each level and the title of each page and there may be hidden text or flashing text. All these are clues. Infuriating, hard to figure out, clues. But when you figure out a level, there is great joy. Until you realize your ass is stuck like chuck on the next level now.

When you go on the first or second screen of the puzzle, click on the link that says "Hints" and read that info. It gives tips for solving the levels. After level 7 there are no more damn hints. You will use google to research the hints and figure out these clues. Run this game directly in your internet explorer, it won't work in other browsers. You need to be able to view the source code to find clues. To view source code you click on "view" and choose "source" from the drop down menu. That shows you the html for the page you are on. There are little clues in the html.

You don't have to be a computer genius to do this, but your grandma probably won't get very far. Ya know?

This puzzle is doable, but infuriating and confounding. Try it... I dare ya. You'll hate me later.

The web address for the game is:


I may convert that to a live link later. I'm just feeling lazy right now. Just copy and paste it to your IE browser and taste the evil.

I am currently stuck like chuck, on level 11. There are ways to cheat and get the answer from other people who have beat it already, but I like to figure it out myself, so I languish in misery at screen number 11.

As far as I know, there are about 44 levels.

Don't be a wuss. Try it.

Viel gluck!

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