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2004-05-12 - 9:26 p.m.

Um... I think someone must be building an Ark someplace in Lafayette.

We are having a frog strangling gully washer here in the deep, deep, south.

It has rained cats and dogs since last night. When I tried to leave work today the road was completely under water. I had two choices: spend the night at the rehab, or try driving through the deep water. I watched a few cars go through it and then took my chances. If there had been a bridge there, I wouldn't have done it. There was no place to really float off to in that particular spot, so my only worry was that my car would stall out with water in the engine. Lucky me, I made it through.

Today I talked on the phone to my bestest buddy from the second grade. I mentioned her peepop in the very first entry I did, and now I've mentioned it a second time. She will be delighted. Reesa, hope you're enjoying this. Leave me a comment. G'head, vent your spleen. You may not see this one till it's an archived entry, but I'll get an email telling me you've commented, so go for it.

We are such close friends that when we were mere adolescents, I taught her how to use tampons. (oops, shut your eyes, boys) I actually demonstrated the technique. This was a momentus event, because back before I started shucking down to my birthday suit in spas and massage clinics everywhere, I was THE most modest person ever. But my dear friend had a need to know and I had to help. That's just the kind of friend I are.

So if you need to be taught how to insert a tampon, feel free to call me or come to my house any old time and I'll do my best to help you out.


No, I did not give it up to the lounge singer. Guess again.

When I got back to the hotel tonight, I found my hotel room door OPEN. Not "unlocked", not "ajar", but OPEN. I thought housekeeping must be in there, but no one was in there. I looked in the tub and behind the curtains and under the beds because there's an amorous cajun running around this place looking for me, so I checked everywhere to make sure I wasn't being victimized. Then I checked all my stuff to make sure the laptop wasn't missing!!!


Fortunately, I am a pathological freak when I am in hotels and I pack up and hide everything. I don't leave my stuff all over a hotel room because I don't want the housekeepers messing with my things. I've been a bit nervous about having the laptop in the hotel rooms, but I don't like to lug it around and risk it being stolen at the hospitals and I can't leave it in the car, because it's getting hot.

Anyways... it was still here. I called the front desk and raised a little hell about it. Tomorrow I will either put out the "Do Not Disturb" sign or call the front desk and warn them not to let my room be left open again.

I had dinner at a Greek/Lebanese place tonight. They had good food and cool music and a nutty guy cooking and talking to everyone from behind the line. They have a website. It's found at this url: http://www.zeuscafe.net. I'm going to go check it out as soon as I get done here.

Have I said it all for today?

I think so.

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