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2005-03-14 - 8:29 p.m.

I was all set to watch American Idol and of course, it ain't happening today because they are down to one show a week now and that show occurs on Tuesday. So I watched Nanny 911.

The nanny was working with the Finck family, which is really funny, because their rotten kids were a bunch of finks. That's an unpleasant name to have. You might was well be called the "RatBastards" or the Scumbag family. My DEEPEST apologies if your name happens to be Fink, Ratbastard, or Scumbag. So sorry.

In my family, it was considered an insult to be called a fink and even worse to be called a ratfink. As a toddler, I once gazed out the back door at my dad, and told my grandma that my daddy was a ratfink and a scumbag. She was appalled and my parents got scolded for saying things like that in front of me. I learned much worse stuff at my other grandma's house, but that's a different story altogether.

Did I digress, or what?

I've had to STOP THE MADNESS. And when I say madness, I mean eating out every single day with no regard for health or weight and putting on weight like I was trying to bulk up for freakin winter. I have called a halt to it. I still eat out every day, but now I'm being careful. I've already lost a little weight and I am very happy about it.

Go me.

Ebba dee ebba dee ebba dee... that's all folks!

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