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2003-12-07 - 12:09 a.m.


I have been sick 4 separate times in about 5 weeks. Miraculously, I was well during our trip to Hot Springs. Something has gone hideously awry with my immune system. I had 2 sore throats followed by colds, one vomiting virus, and a fever/ cough illness. The germs need to find a new smorgasbord to feast upon. My cells have been abused enough.

Plus I'm still sore from my recent car wreck. Is God mad at me?

I gots ta, gots ta update. Things are rolling right along in Teetsville. At this point, we are just happy to be warm and toasty with the phone and DSL working. Next thing you know, we'll be having the plumber out to fix the shower drain and getting a new oven. You may or may not remember I exploded my oven awhile back.


Binky broke up with her long time boyfriend and he's going all crazed-stalker on us. He calls and calls and then shows up when his calls are ignored. We are hoping he gives up soon-like. He has broken into the house once in the middle of the night, and once he abducted the dog in the middle of the night and let her run off from his house and that was when she got hit by a car. She has now had 2 surgeries to correct the results of his night of obsessive dog-napping. I don't think he will harm anyone, not even himself, although he has threatened that. I don't wish him harm and I don't hate him, but he needs to give up and get on with his life.


I am fervently wishing I had invested money when I was a kid and all through the past 20 years so I could retire early. **SIGH** I don't want to bitch about work.

Suffice it to say that I work for a physical rehab hospital and we are almost full at a time when other rehabs are losing money and carrying a very low census. Holiday time is always slow in rehab. So instead of thanking us - the FINE team of professionals who do a FANTASTIC job for this greedy bastard, he comes up about once a week to chew our collective asses and tell us what a bunch of habitually slacking, over-paid, rule abusing, tardy-ass, long-lunch-taking, talcum powder stealing, time clock riding, no-working, personal-phone-call-having, internet abusers we are and threatens to FIRE US ALL if we don't shape up and give him fair labor in return for our paychecks that he so graciously doles out from the goodness of his heart.

On Friday it was announced that they are taking the internet access out of all our offices and centralizing it in one office so we can't "play" on it when we should be working. I use the internet daily for my job. I have legitimate use for the internet. To take it out of my office will cause a tremendous hardship for me and generally slow down my work. I am a well-educated professional, and I take big time offense to being treated like I'm stealing and playing on the job. I don't have time to play, because they've got 4 full time jobs piled onto my stack of responsibilities.

I'm bitching about work, aren't I?

OK, I shall stop it. But damn. I'm mad. I am going to start looking for another job, because I'm sick of the attitude and the lack of respect this assclown has for all the fine people who are earning him so damn much money.

Alright - that was really it. No more.

Seriously folks.


And now for a laugh: If you want to see something hi-freakin-larious... go to "www.ebaumsworld.com" and look under "video" in the "hilarious videos" section, and watch "Farting preacher". You will laugh your ass off. I almost lost control of my bodily functions, people. It's too funny. Watch it twice. The first time is crazy funny, but the second time is even funnier. That's a real TV preacher. He's funny on his own, even if they hadn't dubbed in the funny fart noises.

His comments, facial expressions, and gestures match the fart noises. It's so funny.

I need a cup of tea and a handful of vitamins. And a prayer. And a wish. And a blessing. And some whiskey. And a miracle. I just wanna feel good! Is that so wrong??


My bed is really tall, and I have to climb to get in it. Then, when I get there, I have luxurious flannel sheets on the bed and four pillows, two of which are almost as long as me and they are round and huggable. I sleep in the middle. I love my bed. I'm about to get in it and this is why I am thinking those happy thoughts about it.

But first, I need hot tea! Chai Spice is the tea that rules.

Did I ramble? I think I did.

I might as well say two more things while I'm at it:

1. Do you watch Carnivale??? Did you SEE them kill my HONEYMAN?? I was loving me some old guy. The old blind guy. He is purty. I find him very attractive.

2. This is for Jackie: You called it, girlfriend. You said they were going to kill Romano off ER, and they did. Damn them!! Damn them all to Hell!! I wanted to see him and Elizabeth fall in love. I thought that was where they were going. I KNOW it was. He must have wanted out of his contract or something. I'm glad they let Susan's hubby/stranger guy live. They should develop that. I just wish they hadn't killed that rotten little one-armed ratfink. He was hateful and awful, but there was that little soft side for elizabeth. Ah... such is life.

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