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2006-10-27 - 10:53 a.m.

I had to travel to Mississippi this week. Let me tell you, Mississippi is one dull state. It's kind of pretty there with the rolling hills and all the trees, but they have shit for music. When you're driving 3 hours into Mississippi, you neeeeeeed some music and I couldn't find a station with a song playing that was younger than me. It's ALL classic rock and country. There's no variety. I got so bored coming back, I was hostile.

Hostile with boredom.

I heard music that I haven't even thought about in years. I've been spoiled by my favorite online nightclub (in Second Life). They play the stuff I want to hear. I am going to have to get XM radio or something. Next week I have to travel even farther away. I guess I'd better get me an mp3 player all loaded up and ready to roll.

I have to hurry up and leave for today. I am officially getting a late start, but it doesn't really matter when I get there on Fridays, as long as I get my stuff done.

For once, Scarlett is on top of all her scandalous situations. Things seem to be well in hand for the moment. Scarlett has gotten away with some crazy shit this week. I did a bad thing or two yesterday in game. And I have another bad thing or two planned for later. hehehe

Gotta go!!

And it's the weekend again!!! Woot!

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