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2004-11-17 - 12:55 a.m.

I put a bunch of pics on here. If you have dial up... good luck. I don't think the files are all that big though.

Look at Bink in her cat eye contacts:

Ain't she purty?

I hope she doesn't mind me posting her mug on the net. As long as I'm outing the Bink... I may as well show a cute baby picture of her:

Books are edible!

Here she is with Myra:

Spooky girls

I finally got a bunch of pics off my digital camera that have been stranded on there for a while. I have some pics of Teetsville that I can post too.

Below is a view down the hallway into the living room. You can see my free french doors and my free glass top sofa table against the wall on the right:

Behold the Hallway of Teetsville

I got the free french doors because Mr. Philly Man was here to help me get some things done and the Home Improvement place screwed up and sent the wrong doors. Our contractor picked up the door that we ordered and installed it and it was wrong. We wanted the doorknob on the left door and instead, it was on the right, which caused a clash with an inside door. So my very persuasive guy from Philly called them up and convinced them that they should give me the door for free. They absolutely HATED that idea at first, but Mr. Man, being the convincing sort of fellow he is, caused them to rethink their original position. He basically said that they had 2 choices: come get their door and throw it on the scrap pile, bring us a new door and install it at their expense, and lose us forever as customers... or let us keep the door that was already installed at no charge, and keep our business. Ultimately, they agreed.

My free table was free because I was trying to buy a big piece of beveled glass and 2 big columns to put together and use as a sofa table and the cashier rung it up wrong so many times that the manager came out, failed to straighten it all out, and finally just told me to take it as a free gift. I wasn't complaining or anything. I was patiently waiting for them to get it all together. They never did figure out where they were going wrong and I got some free stuff out of the deal. ::happy happy, joy joy::

Here is a picture of one of my favorite pieces of art that I have. The pic doesn't do it justice, but this is a very detailed magnolia painting and it is just huge. I bought it and had a very hard time getting it into the car. It incorporates several things about Louisiana that I would miss if I left here. Magnolias, hanging moss, white snowy egrets...

I'm all domestic right now. Can ya tell? Don't worry...It will all go away... hang in there. I won't give a flying rat's ass about the decor or any kind of cooking come next summer.

It's like a split personality I have.

One more picture of a thing I loved... ::sob:: This is the beautiful rug that I loved so much. Abby peed on this rug many times. She is trained like a champ now. Never pees in the house. Meanwhile I've scrubbed this rug 6 ways from Sunday and can't get the pee stink out. I'm going to send it to a professional cleaner and if they cannot get the stench out, I'll have to trash it, or give it to someone who happens to like the smell of dog ass. But look at the beauty that was my wonderful rug:

Ever since I rolled up this rug and took it out of he living room, Abby has lost all interest in peeing indoors. It's just no fun without the expensive wool surface to squat over.

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