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2003-09-15 - 8:05 p.m.


Yesterday I was writing my D-Land entry and just about the time I was going to hit the "Done" button, I noticed the Line Synch button on my DSL modem a-blinkin. I tried to open up Internet Explorer in another window, and sure enough, the DSL was down.

I then remembered hearing a message on my answering machine about two weeks ago, telling me that in about two weeks, I would need a "new log in" from Bellsouth in order to access my DSL. Upgrades, dontcha know.

So, I called the phone company and got through to the DSL tech and girlfriend didn't know what the hell I was talking about, Willis. So, she told me they were going to do a line test to see if the problem was in my line. She instructed me to unplug all the phones and wait for them to call me back in three minutes.

Here's me: Wow, it's been more than 3 minutes. Wonder when they are going to call me back? Hmmmmm... what wrong with this picture? Oh yeah.... MY PHONES ARE UNPLUGGED!!!!

So, I plugged them in and waited the wait of the dead, hoping they'd call. No such luck. I had to call again and start over with a whole new idiot.

Homey answers the phone at the DSL help desk. I explain the sitch. He doesn't know what the hell I'm talking about, Willis.

I told him "Dude, you guys called me and told me this was going to happen, two weeks ago, and now no one over there seems to have ever heard of this before." He put in a work order. He told me it will take 24 hours to hear anything at all. Then if it has not been fixed, a tech will have to come out and look at it.

I reiterated that this was all about them upgrading and moving their DSL to a new server, and all I need is a new log in. He couldn't help. Of course.

I went in to work today, checked my bellsouth mail, looking for the email they claimed to have sent me with new log in info. It's not there.


Fortunately, we have sistah's pc sitting here all dial up ready. So we're on 56K instead of DSL right now until Bellsouth pulls their head out and fixes my DSL.

We are spoiled by the fast connection so this dial up shit seems barbaric and uncivilized to us. I am so annoyed that they are always changing stuff and making things not work anymore.



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