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2006-09-13 - 12:35 p.m.

The unthinkable has happened. The thing I knew would happen. The thing I dreaded, but thought would not happen this soon.

I'm being sent on location to work, and if I can't get a room with broadband, I won't be able to access Second Life. Luckily for me, it will probably only be a 2 day thing, for next week.

Egads man, I hope my laptop can run SL. Oh the humanity!

On the upside, one of my companies has acquired a new facility in a neighboring state. That facility has been losing loads of money. This is a good thing, because my specialty is recovering lost money and finding where they are losing it. My good friend and colleague called me today with the details and she told me wild tales of heinous mismanagement going on there. She said "They're calling in the cavalry, and it's us!"

So here goes me. Next week.

The coder is making what I refer to as "elementary mistakes". This means all manner of horrendous wrongs are being committed there. That facility has been turning away too many patients, so they are probably missing a lot of money in perfectly valid cases that they are just turning away due to ignorance about what kind of cases they can accept. We will fix all that.

I went apartment looking in Second Life and found a beautiful villa to rent. I want to get some cool furniture placed before I take pictures. SL is down for maintenance right now.

I am experiencing a strange phenomena since starting with SL. I find myself thinking things that are appropriate in SL, but that don't apply to real life. For example: At dinner last night, we had a waitress with very interesting eyes and I actually wondered where she found them. In SL, you can zoom in on things and look at it from every angle using the alt zoom feature. I cannot tell you how many times I have wanted to use my alt zoom feature in my real life in the past couple of days. The restaurant we went to last night looked just like a SL sim. I look at people and see just how their avatar would look.

If loving SL is wrong, I don't want to be right.


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