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2005-01-25 - 11:10 p.m.

I was riding high yesterday and naturally, as a punishment for committing the crime of displaying unbridled happiness, today sucked. Today's suckage was minor in the big scheme of things, and wasn't about work at all, thank goodness.

I just had a couple of ridiculous things happen that required me spending my precious time (and some daytime cell phone minutes)arguing with idiots.

Here's the scoop, the skinny, the lowdown: I got a phone call from my sister today saying that the lights were off at our house.

Must be an area outage, says I. Cannot, no-way-no-how be a disconnection for non-payment, because I just paid the bill on the 3rd of this month. So I called the power company to report an outage in my neighborhood.

No outage people. They cut me off. On purpose. I paid the bill January 3rd and my current bill that I received in the mail over the weekend says I don't owe again until Feb. 9th. To make matters worse, I called them Monday morning before I left town to say that if I owed anything that would get seriously past due before next weekend, I needed to pay before leaving town but "the system is down" and of course the ever-so-helpful employee couldn't tell me Jack Squat about how much I owe, when, or how their disconnect routine goes.

So I argued with idiot number one for about a half hour, with my position being that they sent me an incorrect bill saying I don't owe till next month, then cut me off for not paying the bill they didn't send. Their helpful employees were of no assistance whatsoever when I called YESTERDAY to offer them some money, and now my lights are off and my freezer is thawing out. She assured me that there was absolutely nothing that could be done, since I technically owe them a partial bill. I offered to go pay it, with the stipulation that they get the power on tonight. She told me I had until 9 pm to get the thing paid and the receipt info called in to the 800 number.

I followed her instructions to the T, hauled ass, speeding as fast as I dared, all the way out into the boonies where the one and only pay center is located. I had been between Shreveport and home when I got the call for help from Myra.

So I got there and paid the bill, called in the info at exactly 7:07 pm, and the guy who took my call (also known as idiot #2) told me "Your power won't be back on tonight. You know that, right?" I said "Noooooooooo" and proceeded to relate to him how his esteemed colleague had told me I had until 9 pm to make the payment and call it in. He put me on hold, came back and said "The other worker did not note on your account that you had until 9 pm." I said "Oh, so since she didn't document her mistake (or lie)on my account, then I am just screwed?"

Basically, yes.

I told him that they sent a wrong bill, refused my money on Monday, and cut me off erroneously on Tuesday. The least they could do was roll a truck out to fix the problem they created. He said it could not be done. I said "Anything you could do at 7:00 pm, you could also do at 7:07 pm."

I ended up speaking with idiot #3, the supervisor. She was a rude bitch. And eventually, I was too. hehe. She assured me that nothing whatsoever could possibly be done for me. My food would just have to thaw out, the kids would have to go to bed without a warm dinner, it was absolutely impossible to fix this situation, because I paid at 7:07 instead of 7:00. (Their secret cut off time) She was a smart ass the whole way and when I told her this whole thing was caused by a series of mistakes by their company, she said they could not help it that their system was down for 3 days. I told her "I can't help it that your employees are all incompentant and cut me off in error, and you need to roll a truck out here and get my lights on. And I want that reconnect charge credited back to my account, because it was not my error that led to this." Of course, that was unheard of and impossible. That charge will NOT be credited back, my lights will stay off all night, and there is nothing to be done about any of it. I told her that I was aware that she could help me if she wanted to, but since she doesn't think she has to, she chose not to. When we hung up I said "Thank you so much for AAAAAAAALLLL your help." She had the nerve to say "Have a great night" I'm reporting her ass tomorrow.

So I gets home and guess what I find???? The lights are on. Idiot number 3 told me it was physically impossible to get them back on tonight. Even if she wanted to, there was no possible way. The technicians were all gone and out of reach. It's simply not possible to contact them after 7 pm. And yet, here we are, magically I guess, in lights. I am happy the lights are on, but really pissed that she lied her face off and hassled me. The three idiots took up about 2 hours of my life that I'll never get back. I would like to physically attack her. Whoop dat ass.

In Other Shocking News:

I did something really stupid yesterday morning. Embarrassingly stupid. I stuck my card in the ATM machine and did 2 transactions, then drove off like a happy fool and forgot to get my card back.

I discovered this at the gas station right down the street within about 5 minutes. I hurried back down there and scared a hershey kiss out of some random stranger at the ATM by wheeling in there real fast-like and jumping out of my car like a thug. I ran up to his window and asked him if he'd seen my card. He thought I was confronting him and accusing him. He denied everything, so I had to go to the bank about 20 feet away that was not going to be open for about 45 minutes. They were in there, so I called.

Did they have a key to the ATM? Yes.

Would it be hard to get into the ATM? No.

Could someone go out there and get my card for me so I could go forward with my week of travels using my card that is my one source of legal tender to buy all food, gas, and lodging? Um, no.

They ONLY open it at 2 pm. It would be UNTHINKABLE to ever change this ritual in any way. No dice. They could not possibly take the 20 steps over to the ATM and retrieve the card for me ahead of schedule, that would be just too bizarre and crazy, but if I'd like to wait, or come back at 2, they'd be HAPPY TO HELP ME THEN.

I hate anal retentive people.

So I said "Well, then I'll come back Wednesday for my card, but can I at least come inside and withdraw some cash for my trip?"

The answer was "Yes! Absolutely! We open at 9 am."

Me: But it's only 8:15.

Them: Sorry! We open at 9!

Me: "Um, I'm here, you're here, I'm already running late... couldn't we just do it now so I can be on my way?"

Them: "Oooh. tsk tsk. Saaawwrrrryyyy, we don't open until 9 am."

Me: "So I have to sit here 10 feet away from you and wait for 40 minutes?"

Them: "Saaaawwwwwrrrrryyyyy, we don't open the lobby until 9."

I would like to fire bomb them.

She was very nice at 9:01. I've been a customer there for many years. You'd think they could break off a little bit of customer service for a long term customer who was in a bad spot.

Even all that crap couldn't hold me down yesterday, but the electric company pissed me off today. I might go over there in person tomorrow and talk to the bossiest boss I can find and retrieve that reconnect fee. I'll take it out of someone's hyde.

And there you have it. All the shit that went wrong. I'm either bitching or bragging. Today you got the bitching.

Who knows what tomorrow holds...

Hopefully some bragging.


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