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2006-11-20 - 3:57 a.m.

A couple of days ago, I had both Myra's kids in my room and I was letting them stay because I had been out of town and because I tend to hole up in my room and play my game a lot. The kids were frolicking and jumping on my bed and all sorts of other things that normally get them tossed when I'm not feeling like indulging the high spirited tykes.

Then my nephew said in his pulling-a-trick-on-you voice: "Mimi, do you want some caaaaandy?" He also had his "I farted" smirk on, so I said:

"If by "candy" you mean "Farts" GET OUT OF MY ROOM."

It was only when I heard the sister cackling from her room that I realized the comedy gold in that sentence. I had been serious as a heart attack when I said it.

And that's funny.

I don't like to talk about work too much in my blog. And I do like to talk about Second Life in it, because SL is fun fun fun. And since I am all about work and Second Life, that's where the topics roll. Go with it, Gentle Reader, or I'll put a pox on you. I can do that.


Here's an update on my real life love-life. Hang on to your panties, Ophelia, this is exciting stuff: I still miss my ex, and the only guy I even want to acknowledge on my current radar screen is married. Woot. I fear that we will be off on a job together and Scarlett will take over my body and subsequently his as well. I'll keep you posted maybe. hehe

Second life love life is much, much more interesting: I lost my big sexy bundle of rage boyfriend, but as luck would have it, I happened upon a new honey so totally eye catching that I was afraid to approach him. He's been in the game a long time. I thought he would be out of my league. But no. We are now an item and I think we are going to have a great relationship. I'm going to be good. (Don't laugh, Begonia)



I was on a hot date with my new honey and we went to a private residence, designed and built by his bestest buddy. While we were there, some random dude flew over and shot my honey. Blew him clean out of the sim. My guy was having connectivity issues, so he could not get back on right away. This left me alone with the attacker. He swooped down and landed 4m from my face and just opened fire on me, spraying me with bullets for like 15 seconds. That's a long time to be sprayed with bullets. Since I was in a sitting position, the bullets could not harm me. I said "Dude. Stop shooting me. I'm a girl." He started to fly off, and then I started caging and bombing him.

I'm a girl, but a girl that likes combat. hehe. Eventually I made friends with the attacker. Cause that's how I roll. Me and my boy are going to get some new weapons and do some combat play.


I am off all this week, except Tuesday. I am prolly expected on site at the new place tomorrow, but I am sho' not going.

We have an uncle who is a very nutty character. He is the guy that brings the hooch to the family reunion... tells the dirty jokes... blew himself up one time trying to make a bomb for our annual blow-stuff-up redneck get down party. He's a character.

Well he fell ill recently and darn near died. He was in ICU on a vent, with organ failure and a blood infection. We thought he was a goner. Right in the worst of it, Libby woke up one morning and said she dreamed about him and he was standing by her bed in a red robe, talking, but no one could hear him. That sounded to me like his gig was up. It was odd that the robe was red, with him being so devilish and all... just then, my sister said the same thing I was thinking: "Were there horns?" hehe.

Can't wait till he's better so I can tell him that. He is doing a lot better and it looks like he is going to be ok. It was a CLOSE one.

I gots to go now.

Gotta snooze.

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