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2003-07-27 - 12:10 p.m.


I might set up another journal for recording my dreams, because I usually remember what I dreamed when I wake up and it's interesting to me. You can usually find meaning in your dreams if you analyze them.

I have recurring dreams. Several different ones. I am very fond of my "Shopping in Germany" dream. I have it fairly often and it takes me back to Gelnhausen, where we lived for a few years. See exhibits below:





I loved being in Germany and I miss it a lot. I wish I had some pictures of the shops. I used to go shopping every Friday in the village, because that was when they made the fresh Brotchen, which are wonderful little rolls that you can't duplicate in America. Anyways, Ich spreche deutsch, and when I dream about Germany, I'm speaking German in the dream. Strange, because in my waking life, I don't remember everything, but I'm fluent in my sleep.

Last night, I had a fun time shopping in Gelnhausen. I was there on a short trip with my friend Wayne and his significant other and they had to go home, but I realized that I had the money and the time to stay. This was like a break through *EUREKA* moment, and I was very happy about being able to stay. In the dream I was telling Wayne that "I dream this all the time!" But I didn't think I was dreaming right then.

After Wayne was gone, I was going the same route I always go in that dream. I go down the streets, around the corners, up hills and into shops... everything is very close in little German towns - the streets are narrow in the little villages.... let me get a picture of that.. I have one:


So, there I was, all happy in Germany... I found some pfennigs and some other coins on the ground. They were very vivid and it was a big deal in the dream, seeing these coins (I've dreamed 3 times this week about finding coins. What does that mean??) Then, I boarded a train. It was there to be toured and I was walking through it. Suddenly I realized it was moving and I started to panic because I wasn't supposed to be on that train and I didn't want to be taken out of town. So I pulled the emergency stop cord, but by the time the train stopped, I didn't recognize the place anymore. I was too far away to walk back to Gelnhausen and I was alone. So I hopped in a cab. All of a sudden, we were in America, and the cabbie tried to drop me off in a ghetto. I said "This looks dangerous. Is it safe for me to walk around here?" and the cabbie said "Uh, not really." So I said "Well take me someplace safe then, cause I gots to live." hahaha. That was the last of that dream.

I want to go visit Germany again. Who wants to go with me? I know Wayne was in that dream because we have talked about going to Europe on a vacation together. He's gay as an Easter bonnet so it's not a romantic situation, dontcha know. He would be game to actually plunk down the money and go though. Good ole Wayne.

Did I meander all over the place with this entry, or what? hehe

LISTENING TO: A snoring cat

RANDOM THOUGHT: If only it was as simple to get to Germany as it is in my dreams.

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