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2004-06-11 - 2:15 a.m.

There are not enough hours in the day to do everything. Whether I am working or not, I seem just as squashed for time when I'm home as when I'm traveling.

I have a whole list of things I am trying to get done and I am doing them, but very very slowly. I get just a little tidbit done each day.

I'm going to pack up my room like I'm moving. Everything in boxes. I have to clear out my room so I can redecorate it. I am having my carpet ripped out, new flooring put in... possibly tile or wood. I haven't decided. Carpet would be quickest and easiest to have installed, so I will most likely go with that.

I'm feeling inspired because I watched a $200,000.00 bedroom duplicated by Nate whats-his-name, the famous decorator, on a budget of only $2500.00. I got some good ideas from him, and I am going to surf IKEA's web catalog as soon as I get done here.

Nate duplicated this unbelievably over-priced armoire that was covered in goat skin in panels that looked like panes. Nate took a 99 dollar armoire from IKEA and covered it in leather, applied some antiquing to the leather for esthetic enhancement and put some wood strips on it to simulate the panes. It looked fantastic. You couldn't tell which was which. Did he pay 18,000.00, or 99? Sucks for the doofus that paid the 18K.

Nate duplicated these 2 black laquered night tables for each side of the bed. The originals were 2800 bucks for the pair. He got a couple of 29 dollar end tables from IKEA and laquered them.


I have never really been one for black laquer, but it looked very sophisticated and good in this bedroom of mainly light colored things. I can do this. I am going to pull off a masterpiece in here. I'm going to look at some more rooms and get a plan in place and see what I can do.

My bedroom should be a retreat and a sanctuary. It leaves quite a bit to be desired in its current state.

Geez, who shot the cat? He's stretched out at my feet like somebody dropped him with a bazooka. I've accidentally nudged him with my foot a few times and he is steadfastly remaining. I know he's alive, because he snores. This is a cat who truly understands the art of relaxation.

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