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2004-10-03 - 3:59 a.m.

My computer lost her damn mind. So I reformatted the little bitch, all the way back to day one. I did a total clean sweep and started over. Now I have to figure out how to keep the damn spyware and adware from eating it up again. Or, I could just reformat every few months.

Here's my problem: When I run spyware search and destroy, or Adaware, it wrecks my programs. That's what actually causes the crash I think. If you let the spyware go, eventually, it will load a bunch of shit onto your hard drive that you don't want and lock up your system. But if you delete the dangerous files, it takes with it some files you need to run all your programs with. The result is a pile of no-working shit. How do people use the spyware removing software without ruining their programs???

Would it help me to use a pop up stopper? Will that prevent the spyware from getting in there? I don't think it will. If any of you know, do tell. I'm tired of fighting it, but it was pretty satisfying to wipe out the whole hard drive and start fresh. It was easy and didn't take that long. I had already taken my MP3s off and my pictures. They are trapped for all time on CDs now.

One day recently, I was doing something I thought would be fun... I was putting different ridiculous words together in google and clicking the "images" button to see what kind of pictures popped up. I tried a bunch of names and nonsense phrases and stuff. Eventually, I put some random, generic, non-sexual term in there and got trapped in the porn pop-up hell of all time. I couldn't get rid of it. Every click to close a window brought up 3 or 4 more. When it was all battled out, I had 2 filthy icons on my desk top and the whole computer wasn't working right anymore. My internet explorer was corrupted, both physically and emotionally. I tried to delete these filthy programs that I never asked for and didn't want, and it could not be done. So I knew a reformat was unavoidable.

It's all good now. I'll do it again and again if I have to. I'm going to give everyone a thrill, but you have to work for it. You've got to go see capt-jim and click on the link (in one of his two entries for today) that says "EVP". It will take you to a website with lots of recordings of ghostie voices. Some of them are really cool. I must soon post some spooooooky stories. It's that time of the year again...

Thanks Capt-Jim, for that nifty link!

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