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2004-09-25 - 2:25 a.m.

Tonight was dress rehearsal at the screampark and we had a fun time. A sweaty hot fun time. With lots of screaming.

The castle was the first haunt to do it's rehearsal, so we all got in our places and all the actors from the other 2 haunts came through our castle and we gave 'em Hell. Then, we got to go through the Insane Asylum and it was really good. Some of the effects are surprisingly great. Last, we did the Manor House. It's fantastic. It is really scary. The thing that unhinges me the most is the chain saw guys at the end of the manor. The exit of the building is around back and you have to walk down a path in the woods. There are numerous guys hiding in the woods with chainsaws. Some don't have chainsaws, but the run out and chase people.

This year, they have made the chainsaw path much scarier and longer than it has ever been before. They built a maze through part of it. It's hard enough to get through a maze when you are not panicking while being chased by 3 or 4 guys who are buzzing your ass with a chainsaw. It's hard to run in my costume and I fell down once while I was trying to get away. I had on so much clothing, it totally cushioned my fall. I didn't even get a scratch or a scrape anywhere.

I wasn't sure exactly how I would do my misfortune telling at first. I brought some rolled up scrolls with horrible fortunes printed on them, but I quickly abandoned that and just spouted the fortunes off the top of my head. I was worried until I had done about 3 people. Now I'm not worried anymore. We had a lot of fun. Myra brought her kids, because they told her there would be a babysitter on the grounds, but it didn't happen, so she ended up leaving early.

We go live tomorrow night. It's sneak preview weekend. I am so exhausted right now, I think I might actually sleep tonight! I think anything that makes you sweat, wears you out.

I have a big crystal ball in my fortune teller shack and I bring in my victim and get them to put their hands on the ball and concentrate. Then I tell them a horrible fate that is about to befall them.

Tonight I learned that I need a big thing of ice water to sip on during the evening. Soon the weather will be cooler, but for now, it's still too warm to be wearing a full peasant dress and cloak.

I think one of the men out there likes me. He kept coming up and talking to me all night. Every time I turned around, there he was. He was being really reeeeally helpful to me. Just me. My very own special tour guide and helper.

I did some very exotic make up and the whole area around my eyes looks like some kind of a gothic butterfly design or something. At least it did tonight. I'm going to change that up and add to it over the season. I think this is going to be very fun, but I'm definitiely going to work my butt off for the next 5 weeks. My weekends are not my own until Halloween gets overwith.

I am so tired. I need to lay down right now.


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