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2004-03-04 - 9:39 p.m.

I hereby tender my resignation, you limp wristed, fartknocking titty baby. I hope you die in a pool of your own snot and vomit, brought on by one of your little hissy tantrums, you wee wimpering bitch. You are lucky your daddy has money, because if you had to depend on your mishapen cranium to make a buck, you'd be homeless, fuckboy.

PS: You're lucky there's a waiting period for gun purchases, Sheila.

OK... should I tender the above letter of resignation or this one:

I am hereby giving my two weeks resignation. I have decided to give up my position here in order to return to full time consulting work. I will be happy to continue to perform all your coding and PPS responsibilities for the consulting fee I charged before my full time employment here. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of your facility.

What do you think? I'm kinda torn about which letter to go with.

Tomorrow I shall schedule a consulting job I've been offered in another town and that may lead to more work. I may wait long enough to get in a check up before I give up my health insurance. Or I may go in tomorrow and tell the boss to go fuck himself. Each day when I leave for work, I have no idea whether or not I will still be employed when I get home.

I am apparently supposed to be learning a lesson from all this. I think the lesson is "You picked the wrong line of work, fool."

Ah... such is life.

I know I seem more bitter than I did yesterday, but that's only because I am. har har. Actually, I am just realizing how obvious it is that I should have told the boss to cram it. I regret that I didn't. It is interesting to watch the shit hit the fan and to see them lose money, but I have such a sense of rage because of the way they are jerking me around that I don't know how long I can stay there.

I'm going back to consulting. The blowhole I've been wasting my talents on here can pay my fee to code all the cases as a consultant, or he can lose a SHITLOAD of money. And I don't much care which way it goes. He's probably too paranoid to use my services if he has any idea how bad I could screw him financially. But you'd think if that was the case, he would have fired me before now, to protect himself.

I don't think he's got his thinker turned on.

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