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2004-05-15 - 10:12 p.m.

We are back from our dinner at the chinese restaurant. I wrote a happy entry about going there and I was so hungry for all the various goodies they have... especially the crab legs. Last time we went, the crab legs were huge and perfect. They came out of the shell clean as a whistle. They were so good.

This time, they were sort of puny, discolored, too fishy, and the meat didn't come out in one piece.


I had no patience for this crab leg travesty. Myra had no patience for Elvis Jr, who was especially "short bus" this evening. He did a lot of things that hacked Myra off. I think he may be grounded for the rest of the year.

Let's see... he climbed under the table numerous times, he kept going up to get more food until we noticed he had 4 plates of food wasting away while he sat there blowing crab chunks into Myra's drink with his straw. He dipped his straw out of Myra's tea and into the butter, then flung butter droplets everywhere. He brought back a plate load of nothing but pickles.

He made matters worse by giggling like a fiend through it all, while Myra's head turned purple. He filled up on fried biscuits and then wouldn't eat anything with any nutritional value. He ran the gamut.

The baby collected up everyone's straws and they all ended up under the table along with the seafood cracking plier thingys and numerous bits of food. At least she was in a good mood. She used to get unhappy and pitch a fit in there, but this time she just did a lot of loud singing and there were a couple of high decibel conversations about ice cream. Her favorite part of dinner there is the ice cream afterwards.

There was a family of people whose last name must have been Asslarge, because every one of them had a humongo hiner. I was frightened. This happens every time I go there. I always see a flock of 500-pound people or something and I always think maybe it was from going there to eat. "Gotta stop eating here" runs through my mind every time I go.

One of the Asslarge clan was tripping our gaydar AUDIBLY. He was the dad and he was with a female, but homey is living a lie. Muy obvioso. They had an argument and it got pretty vicious. I think Myra missed the melee. It was interesting.

Everytime I went to the restroom to wash my hands (to get the crab leg juice off) I had to wait in line while children played in the sink.


One time tonight I had to wait while a mom washed the jello off her kid's FEET. Why did he have jello on his feet??? Your guess is as good as mine.

I seem to be a tad grouchy this evening. I was pissed that the crab legs weren't good. Then I was hating on all the slow ass kids playing in the sink. Why are kids so very enamoured with public restrooms?

Elvis Jr. said his favorite thing about going to a restaurant is the food and the bathroom. He actually hopes he can stink up the bathroom. It is his goal. He proudly comes back to the table to tell his appalling tales and Myra gives him the stare that says "I'm not amused". The stare is funny to me. I don't want to laugh, because it doesn't take much encouragement at all to get Elvis Jr. into a deeper mess than he is already in. One miniscule sign of an adult laughing and he goes all monkey balistic. He thinks if he makes us laugh, he won't get in trouble.

I'm pretty tired tonight. I've been sleepy ever since my massage earlier today. Gotta check my email and get in my comfy bed for some channel flipping.

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