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2007-07-06 - 1:19 p.m.

Much of Texas seems to not be a part of the United States anymore. In some areas, you're hard pressed to find an english speaking person.

I just got back from picking up lunch. I stopped at a Pizza Hut. You'd think a Pizza Hut would be pretty standard in the USA. Each store should mirror the other stores. Right?

Well this one had no english speakers, save one bilingual cashier. They had things on their menu that are not on the other pizza hut menus, and my pizza tastes like mexican food.

They also didn't have a coke fountain. Bottled drinks only. Brace yourself for this next thing: For decorations, they had fake poinsettias on every table.

Dude, it's July. I think they were just going for "red flowers". They seem to not realize that poinsettias are a christmas decoration.

A few days ago, I walked into a taco place and there was a big sign up... the only thing I saw in english.... and that sign said "No public restroom here". Not trying to be gross here, but since when do you serve mexican food and not make a toilet available. ok? What if toastcrumbs walked in there all hopped up on the alli??? Mexican food + alli = severe need for a toilet. Or so I hear. I am way, way, WAY too scared to ever take a pill that makes oil shoot from your ass. No thanks.

But I digress.

Incidentally, I turned right around and left the restaurant with no public restroom. Senorita Thimble-Bladder does not stay at a restaurant where bathrooms are not available.

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