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2006-01-02 - 1:19 p.m.

Time for a reflective / forward looking entry about the New Year.

Last year was great for me in some aspects and really sucky in others, just like everyone else's year, I assume. The best thing that happened was that Jupiter was in my sun sign for almost the whole year, gifting me with a long period of good fortune. I made big progress in some areas of my life, especially career and finances. The sucky thing that happened had to do with a boyfriend. 'Nuff said.

I like the way 2006 feels. It's a nice round number that ends in 6. That's a good thing. Good number.

In 2006, Jupiter will spend almost the entire year in Scorpio, in my second house of money and possessions. This means good things for me financially. Financial security is extremely important to me. I feel supported and safe when I have money, so that is a good thing. If I had a man I could count on, I would be less security oriented, I think. I have yet to find that. Good thing I am an able provider.

I think I have finally learned some of my karmic lessons. I've learned that there is no point in trying to rush things. There is no point in worrying. Things will unfold in due time. Things will work out as they should, basically. I have always been one to make things happen. There is a certain validity to that. If you don't "make it happen" in your career, it ain't gonna happen, most likely. Apathy is the sure path to failure. People don't really get ahead on pure luck and kismet. However, in other areas of life, you might as well learn to go with the flow.

Anyhooooooo... I am expecting 2006 to be a very good year. Each year is something of a journey. Last year was a wild ride. I don't know exactly what 2006 will bring, but I think I'll be able to go with the flow and watch some good stuff unfold. I expect to be healthy, wealthy, and wise in 2006.

I hope I don't get hit by a Mack truck or something.

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