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2003-11-10 - 7:28 p.m.

This is confidential to "you-know-who-you-are".

Of course, you'll never see this, since you don't read us and all. If you do accidentally read it 30 or 40 times, and it's offensive, remember your own words... "you don't have to read it".

Actually, I'm not quite sure that the latest rantings coming from the hairy little pint sized crack are really for us. Surely not. That would be kinda pathetic. But in case it is... I shall respond.

So "Hairy", if you've caught your boy cheating again already and that latest rant wasn't for us, look away before you get your feelings hurt.

Let me break it down for you:

You wanted an apology, you got one, it evidently wasn't enough, then you apparently wanted a reaction, you kept dangling insults waiting and hoping and praying and peeing on your carpet in anticipation of a reaction... you got one, then you withdrew, and "took the high road"... hardy har har... and "stopped reading us" hardy har har, cause you simply don't care... snicker snicker...and now we've moved on and you're ranting again. I think you just enjoy shit stirring.

You're tired of being disrespected? Here's a tip, if you don't want to be disrespected, shut your hole. (The one that makes the most noise) How 'bout that?

I really thought "Hairy" must have caught the boy with more women, and maybe she did, because our deal was over last week, but it appears that this is actually directed to my sister and even me.

Here's what perplexes me: How did I get lumped in with "women" or "whores" who want your man? Your jealousy is in super crazy fantasy-land overdrive.

I would not have your man if he was dipped in gold and delivered by UPS.

To clear up all further questions, let me just state for the record that the following list of traits are stone cold deal breakers for me:

Being married, having lots and lots and lots of children, as if a fella didn't know what was causing the shit, chronic cheating, financial irresponsibility, anger problems, mental illness, suicide risk, the ego larger than Nebraska, pathological lying, questionable sexuality, lots of angry exes, a bunch of wounded-for-life children, displaying shocking levels of contempt for the wife you claim to love while trying to get something going on the side, physical violence, and addiction. I don't know if addiction applies, or physical violence, but the rest is sort of a description of your boy, don't you think?

Make no mistake, I wouldn't have him, and now that my sister sees him for what he is, she wouldn't either.

Now, let's talk about you, Sparky. You really should stop making moral judgements. It sounds utterly ridiculous coming from you. You snuck off to rub monkeys with your illicit affair-boy, behind the backs of your unfortunate first husband, and your co-fucker's heartbroken wife, got knocked up, and married someone elses' husband. I wonder how contrite you were when you were breaking the hearts of the cheated on spouses and the children on both sides who were devastated by your actions. Did you even care about your own oldest child as you sold off her Daddy for a new dick and a shitload of new problems?

You didn't stop, you wrecked lives, you hurt people, and even now, you show no remorse. Yet, you have the gall to sit there and pass judgement on a girl who got flirted up and lied to by your husband who claimed he was divorcing your whining cardboard ass. Because of his flowery language and mad lying skills, my sister believed all the shit he told her and thought there was actually a future in it, after his fabricated divorce, of course. It took a whole lot of convincing for her to see it was all a bunch of flowery bullshit, designed by a hopeless repeat offender, to get some side pussy.

So no, nobody wants your man. Nobody over here anyway. I'm not saying you shouldn't watch the boy. You should never ever peel your eyes off him for long enough for him to skank you again. In fact, you should probably forego blinking and just get some eye drops.

Anyways you wacky kids...

Your anger is misplaced. I am answering you, because you deserve it. Not because I give a rat's ass about your life anymore. Don't include me in your depressing shithole life anymore, and I won't say mean things to you. That's how it works.

I find your life incredibly boring and depressing and if I were you, I'd shut the hell up, because you're humiliating yourself and obviously don't have the good sense to realize it.

As Dennis Miller says "That's just my opinion. I may be wrong."

But I'm not.

And "Hairy", here's a last word of advice: It is bad form to call other women whores when they have not ever touched another woman's husband, unlike yourself, who did every whore move known to man and then advertised it on Diaryland. You are a class act, there, teacher.

As always, if you find this content offensive, you have the option of not reading it. This is my diary and I'm venting my feelings. I think I read that line somewhere.

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