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2005-07-28 - 1:21 p.m.

My car died in a pool of its own blood in my driveway.

That's right. It died. It can be reanimated with the help of a new transmission. I wonder if a hard jolt to the side of a car can cause the freakin transmission to fall out. I got hit a couple of days ago and now all the transmission fluid is laying outside on the driveway.

I'm in a spot right now. I didn't really know who to call. I'm stranded at the house and I don't have any of the insurance info from the driver that hit me. She was not very forthcoming with information. The cop got all the info, but I don't have the accident report yet. The cop told me to get it from my insurance company and my insurance company said I'll have to get it from the cops.


So today, I called my insurance company and they told me that I am in the highest category for insurance right now because I have done things like drive into parked boats in the past, so I should make every attempt to tap the other driver's insurance instead of mine. I could get cancelled.

Meanwhile, back at the lab... I'm missing an important meeting at work today and I'm not even sure I'll be in a rental by work time tomorrow.

I called the cops today and the officer I spoke with was not in the mood to be helpful. He told me I was looking at a minimum of 7 working days to get my report, and even then I would have to get myself over there (2 parishes over from where I live) in person to get it. He couldn't read me any info off the report to help me out. So my insurance agent called them back and the cops are going to cooperate with him. But not until after lunch, of course.

As it stands now, I am stranded at home at 1:30 pm, waiting for my insurance guy to call me back with the insurance information from the other driver so I can get a rental, a tow truck, and start repairs to my car.

I need to go see a chiropractor, since my neck is sore, but there's not going to be any kind of progress until I get that call and start the ball rolling.

Good old Mercury retrograde. Keeping it real for me.

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