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2006-09-21 - 1:17 a.m.

So I'm in a hotel, suffering, because my laptop won't play Second Life. Eventually my pain led me to an idea... like divine inspiration, I realized I might be able to load the game to the business center computer.

Wonder of all wonders, it worked, though very slowly. I was happy to exchange IMs with Begonia and the Boy. So there I was... at 1 am... still on the thing, in the business center, IMing with Begonia... when a group of 3 fairly dangerous looking thugs happened by the business center. One knocked on the window. I was a little nervous, because they looked like they were up to no good. They passed back and forth a couple times knocking on the window each time, while I shut down the game and took the software off the computer. They started knocking on the door, for me to let them in.

I pretended they were not scary and that just maybe they were going to need the computer for someething. As if. When I opened the door, I said "Do you need the computer?"

One of them said "No, I need you."

Right about this point I'm thinking of the avatar that animated me against my will in SL and I thought this could possibly take a bad turn. One of them said "This is my lucky day". This triggered a fight or flight response in me and I said "It ain't that lucky, believe me."

Then they asked me if I wanted to "party". I said "No thanks" and walked off, unflinchingly, all the while thinking I might have to scrap right here in the hallway. But I figured let em try. The desk is right around the corner. I knew it was better to confront them near the desk than let them follow me to my room.

So... note to self... don't stay in the business center that late anymore.

I am going to take the laptop to the local computer geeks to see if they can fix my problem. Maybe with a new video card or something.

I thought it was rather ironic that I would be accosted like that in SL and then RL. It was life imitating art.


Yes, Rik was correct, I am hopelessly addicted to this game now. I don't even care that I'm hopelessly addicted. I do not want rehab. This is exactly the distraction I needed. Keeps me out of real trouble but eyeball deep in virtual trouble all the time, which is precisely how I like it. Come on, I have to wave my freak flag some way.


I am working on location and BOY did I find a multitude of sins in this facility. Wow. Are they some non-compliant mofo's. If state rolls in, they are screwed. I am going to make a comprehensive report about the many disasterous situations I found. They are missing stuff they have to have, they are not doing things that have to do... it's a mess. I love a hot mess, because I can make a big result and remind the big boss why he pays me.


I'm exhausted. I'm looking forward to finishing up this project tomorrow so I can beat a hasty trail back to my place where my good internet and desk top pc are waiting. Plus I have family members and stuff. :-)

I think in the interest of fitness, I am going to start getting up and dancing when Scarlett is dancing. That ought to keep the ticker healthy.

Must sleep now.


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