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2004-07-10 - 3:28 p.m.

A long time ago I met a preacher that was really very funny. He told me a lot of funny things, but my favorite story from him was about a colleague of his that was also a preacher. This other preacher was very pompous and they were out doing "visitation" one day. (Visitation is where they come to your house to find out why your heathern ass wasn't in church last Sunday.) So, when they got to the house they were going to, there were a bunch of chickens and a rooster outside the house.

The rooster started making aggressive moves towards the two pastors and the pompous one said to the other one "Let me handle this". While clutching his Bible to his chest, he pointed his index finger at the rooster and said in a loud commanding voice: "ROOSTER, I REBUKE YOU IN THE NAME OF JESUS!" He totally expected the rooster to immediately back off, but instead, the rooster took a running start and jumped up on this guy's shoulders, kicking and pecking him.

Funny funny.

I have this visual of a pompous preacher in a suit running back and forth, screaming like a wee lass and trying to slap an angry rooster off the back of his neck.

Pride cometh before a fall.

Or something.


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