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2004-07-03 - 1:47 a.m.

I had a massage for an hour and a half today. So mahvelous. I'm sway backed and this makes me get uncomfortable on the table after a while. I asked for a pillow and she gave me this humongo obstacle of a cushion to crawl up on. I felt like a flying squirrel clinging to a beach ball.

It did help the back though. When I turned over face down, I put the pillow under my abdomen to round out my lower back. I wasn't planning to let her mess up my hair today because I was going to go someplace. But when the moment came and she asked me if I minded her messing up my hair, I said "Go for it". Cause it's goooooooood. A hair style is a small price to pay for the happiness that is a cranial massage.

Listen, gentle reader, I need a topic for living-lulu's diary. I can't think of one on my own. Gimme some ideas. Put them in the comments section and I'll come up with something. The more ideas the better. I'm not going to update hers today because it is so late. Maybe tomorrow though, if I get some ideas.

Put on your thinking caps, boys and girls.

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