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2005-08-27 - 10:19 a.m.

It ain't over till it's over.

I went to pick up my car from the shop and the shop manager was happy to report that when the mechanic got my transmission torn all the way down, he found that the "pump shaft" was ground down at the end, proving that the transmission failed due to sudden fluid loss. This newsflash ruins the insurance adjuster's theory about the damage having been caused by gradual fluid loss over time.

The repair shop is giving me a written report stating flat out that the damage was caused by the sudden fluid loss my car suffered after being hit. I am giving the insurance company one more opportunity to do the right thing. If they choose to be assclowns about it, I will sue their ever-lovin asses off. I will have solid documentation and witnesses. If I have to go to court, I'm suing for car repairs, rental car expenses, pain and suffering, hurt feelings, time off work, my chi being angered, a hang nail, bad dreams, and anything else I can throw in there. I tried to let them off cheap and they were asses.

They actually told me that in the best case scenario, they would only pay 21.99 a day for rental car. The rental costs 22.99 a day. So I'm stuck for a dollar a day, no matter what. I find that ridiculous. I told that idjit that I am the innocent driver. I was obeying the laws and driving on my side of the road when their insured hit me and I should not have to come out of my pocket for one red cent as a result of this accident. That is what insurance is for!

Bottom line: I think I have 'em by the short hairs.

Life is sweet.

They were all cocky with me and told me they were not going to pay any of my rental car bills, after they delayed having my car towed and delayed getting me a rental. Their paper work delays caused me to have the rental car for 29 days!! They said they are not paying for that because they determined my transmission did not fail as a result of the wreck.

Ah, how wrong they are.

Myra and her chillins just left. I am going to go play X box for a little bit, then I'm going to go have my chariot detailed and maybe eat lunch out.

Later gators

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