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2003-09-17 - 6:35 p.m.


I'm listening to the "Nothing's Shocking" CD and I get the feeling that for Perry Ferrell, it is a true statement. Nothing is shocking - at least not to him. He's probably stretched all the boundaries to their breaking point. Among other things. hehe

Onto other topics: Let's talk about the Queen of Salsa, shall we? My sister does this wack imitation of the lady who is actually known as the "Queen of Salsa". You may know the one - she looks for all the world like a big drag queen. And yet, she's all woman. I guess.(?)

Anyhoo... the sistah puts on this hi-freakin-larious voice that is heavily accented, forceful, and frighteningly enthusiastic-sounding and yells "Queen of Deee Salzaaaah!" followed by this MANIACAL, overly excited "AAH HAA HAA HAAAAAAAAA!!" laughter. It never fails to slay me.

She does it during that commercial I mentioned in an entry the other day. And now, she does that bit randomly, when she knows I'm listening. Funny funny funny.

It's almost time for my birthday (October 1) and she always talks or sings about me on my birthday. But, no pressure Myra.


Heyyyyy, I want a salsa boogie for my birthday. Wait - cancel that... it sounds too much like something you'd find in your taco salad at Taco Bell.

But really though. A salsa tune would be funny. Heeeeeeee. Um, I need to learn how to add sound files on here.

Does anyone know how?

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