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2006-09-17 - 2:24 a.m.

This is all going to be about things that happened in SL, so roll your eyes now, but realize that my avatar, Scarlett, got sexually victimized yesterday and I'm going to tell that story on down the page. I haven't even had a chance to tell Begonia. She'll flip. Keep reading for an accounting of the gritty underbelly of SL:

Disclaimer: The events you are about to read pertain to my second life, a role playing game, and not my actual real life. There's a sex thing coming, so I want to be clear so you guys aren't thinking I actually got victimized in real life.

I've been decorating my place and it's looking good. I paid my $9.95 and they gave me 1000L to spend, plus I'll get 500L a week for Scarlett's stipend. I also get money that I make at the club and gambling with the awsome money sploder games. I won $536 Lindens in one jackpot tonight. But I digress...

So ... I had money to spend and empty spaces in my house to be filled with cool virtual furniture. I had been up late decorating, and I had to determine what I was going to wear the next day to the club, because I had to dance in the cage. It needed to be something really sexy and BDSM-y. No problem... I got that covered. No pun intended.

So I was shucking down and changing clothes and I had just finished putting on a sexy lace corsette, panties, and garters. I was looking for a certain visual, and wasn't sure that was it. So I was standing there thinking of changing into something in black leather, when a guy suddenly said "Take that off again, Sexy". Then he said "You are exquisite". I thought I was overhearing my neighbors, because you can hear other people if you are within a certain range of their avatar. I looked around just to make sure it was the neighbors... and this male shape, someone I've never seen before, was sitting in my bed, in my private dwelling!

My AVATAR jumped straight up in the air. I kid you not. I had no idea anyone was around. I totally thought it was the neighbors. It scared me as if I had an actual intruder in real life. I didn't know what to do at first. He shouldn't have been in there. I told him as much and gave him an indignant speech about how uncool it is to go around behaving like a peeping Tom and breaking into people's private property. All the while he's saying "Take your clothes off. Please. I want to see you again. I'm here to fulfill all your fantasies. This is meant to be." (freaky) He kept changing where he was in the room and it was quite scary at first, but then just maddening. I knew that I could just quit the game and my avatar would not be in there for him to molest so I knew there was an escape hatch if I needed it. I wanted to make him understand that he could not just come into my villa uninvited - EVER. He said he had the ability to go through walls, so locks are useless against him.

Then... he somehow animated my avatar!!! He made her drop down on the spot and start performing sexual favors. I was typing "Hey!!! Stop that!!! HEYYY!! I have no idea how he was doing it. My girl was moving totally out of my control. None of my methods of controlling her actions were working. Usually when characters are in any type of animation, there is a "stand up" button that snaps them out of it, but there was no stand up button on the screen anywhere. It was like watching a porno with my avatar in it.

Not an entirely bad experience, I must admit. BUT STILL. This was a rank stranger, making my avatar do all manner of naughty, beyond naughty things. He tried to talk me into going along with it, but I was certainly not going to participate with him after the way he got me against my will. I told him he was an opportunist, and he said he felt that was a little harsh. I told him opportunist was the kindest way to say it, because he's actually a virtual rapist!

He finally left. He wanted to be friends after all we'd meant to each other!!! He was actually very sarcastic and funny with it. He told me he was in Dublin, Ireland. I said "You should have told me that at the beginning." hehe. (I have a thing for accents.) I mean, if a real life guy did that to me, of course, I wouldn't laugh at anything they had to say and it would be a very different situation, but there are no consequences to virtual... anything... even death in SL is recoverable.

It was a matter of him disrespecting my privacy and my will and my rights. He agreed that he would never break in or sneak up on me again.

So that was a learning experience. I didn't know that could occur. I reported it to my landlord and he asked me the guy's name, which I don't remember. He said he can ban him for that. So I'm glad there is some recourse. The next time someone shows up in my villa uninvited, I'll be writing down their name. I mean, the Irish dude got away with it, but oh well. Can't win em all.

I had a different kind of learning experience ealrlier in the day before the sexual assault. This one was a lot more funny:

I talked my friend into buying some new hair that would be more realistic for his new skin. Against his better judgement, he went along with me and tried on some long hair that I picked out for him. It looked great on one side and hideous on the other because his avatar is so big that some of the hair disappeared. Just didn't fit right. So this caused a wicked bald spot. No problem says I... just look up your old hair in your inventory and put it back on... you did save your old hair... right? ....Dude?

Your hair....

Thirty panic-ridden minutes later... he found his old hair. Thank God. I felt bad, since it was my stinky idea to change the hair in the first place.

That was his second trauma for the day. We had been at a store that sells animations and we didn't know what the animations were going to be before trying it. He just clicked on the male ones to see what his avatar would do. There was some body-builder moves, and Thor-like manly man stuff but he clicked on this one that made him bend over and slap his own ass in a come-hither way and then this funny voice sing-songs out the words "Butt-sex!" He was traumatized. I laughed so hard. Other people's mortification is more funny to me than anything else. He said "wow". Which just exacerbated the funny of it to me.

I was inspired by his new skin, because my girl looked like a cartoon in comparison, so I got myself a new skin also. The body is way more realistic with some freckles and real photographed body contours and stuff. There are things about it that I don't like as well as what I had before, like the lips, but the rest of the body is enough better to make it worthwhile. None of my friends have seen the new skin. I guess I did it today. This weekend has been a blur.

I went to two parties tonight. One was a gathering for the residents of our villas. The other was an elf, fairy, magical costume party at a heavy metal club. I won big money there. I showed up dressed as a fairy, with wings that drop fairy dust. I made my costume myself out of a bunch of stuff I had in my inventory and I bought some magic fairy wings that scatter sparkly stuff when I type in a certain command. I made more money gambling than I made working today. The landlord had a money sploder at his party and I won a couple hundred there. That was fun.

So anyways.. that's the latest gossip from the saga of "One Second Life to Live".

Remember kids, if a handsome stranger animates your avatar against your will, try not to lose sight of your stand up button. Or, just go with it, cause he might be from Ireland.


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