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2006-09-11 - 3:14 a.m.

I finally found the right hair!!

I chose the name Scarlett, because the hair is red, dontcha know... then I couldn't find any worthy hair. But today, I got me some cool hair. Behold:

Another shot:

Here's a smile

The side view of the hair:

Ever the snazzy dresser:

That's my girl. Now, if I can just get my real self to match this avatar, it would be a perfect world.

I am having fun in Second Life. There are people from all over the world in there. Very cool. Learning stuff every day. I'm tired. Going to bed...

Catch you guys later.

Ricklets, worry not, for I have things I've got to do in my every day first life, and I purposefully put all my time this weekend into trying to learn the basics of Second Life so I will know how to easily get around and do things. I am not going to be 24/7 SL, but maybe 8/7.


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