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2005-10-02 - 10:09 a.m.

Well, my solar return has come and gone for another year. I always make an effort to have a happy birthday, because I truly believe that it sets the tone for the whole year. It's sort of getting to be a pressure I don't need.

Overall, I noticed that I didn't have any material wishes for my birthday. I had just a few wishes, all having to do with connecting with the people I love. I only got one of those wishes.

I wanted to get Binky home safely, because she has been out of the country for 2 weeks. She was flying home on my birthday, so it had the potential to be the worst birthday ever. I'm very happy that she is safe.

Bink has been in Italy for two weeks and she brought me a Prada bag for my birthday. I love it. I totally need some new shoes now. I'm going to go shopping today, if I can hurry up and get out of here. Everything closes early on Sunday. I am going to look at all of Binky's pictures today, so I have to go shopping before she's ready to do that. She said she took about 600 photos in Italy. That's a lot of pictures. She took a digital camera and her laptop with her so she could keep uploading pics and taking more.

Getting her home safely was my most important wish. I can get over missing a phone call, but I couldn't get over it if that plane hadn't landed safely. So let me just be thankful for that.

Astrologically speaking, for most of the last year, Jupiter was in my sun sign, Libra, in my first house, which means good fortune. True enough, I had a lot of very good fortune over the year. My love life sucked like a hoover. This month, Jupiter moves into Scorpio, in my second house of money and finances, where it will stay until this time next year. This means the heavens are opening up their abundance on me. Good financial progress is forcasted. I'll bet my love life sucks again. I'm tired of the shitty love life. Do you hear me? Tired.

I guess I'll concentrate on physical and fiscal fitness in the upcoming year. If I find myself one year from now physically fit, fiscally fit, and still utterly alone in the fucking world, I'm taking up applications for booty buddy, because this shit has got to stop.

Not. Even. Kidding.

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