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2006-05-20 - 12:44 p.m.

Well, I smooth missed the chat session yesterday. My profuse apologies to those of you who are good, responsible, chat-attending people, unlike myself, the chat misser.

I thought I was only going to be late, but alas... I was wrong.

I did have fun last night though.

I went to an Irish pub and watched a very entertaining live show of celtic music. You did know that I am an Irish Lass, right?

Check it out

Beth is very talented and she plays the fool out of that stringed instrument of hers. It's called a bazooki. I don't know if that is how you spell it, but that's how she says it. I like it. I wonder how hard it would be to learn to play like she does. She does some songs in gaelic and she is quite the comedian too. During the whole show she talks and says funny things. She has some funny songs in her act too. It's all very interactive.

After the show we got to hang out with her and her manager/boyfriend. They've got a show tonight in another city. When they are in town long enough, they go to Bink for massages. Bink has all Beth's CDs and wanted to introduce me to Beth last night. That's why I went. It was all very spontaneous. They are great people. We stayed there a long time. It was a fun night.

I came in very, very late. There was no point in even checking to see if anyone was still on. I have a rule about trying to get to sleep before the sun comes up, (like the evil undead) so I had to hit the hay pretty quick to avoid old Sol.

I slept a few hours and I feel pretty good today since I limited the drinking. I felt obligated to have a couple of Coronas with lime... y'know... to support the establishment that was kind enough to bring us a nice show.

I try to do my part, you know.

Socially responsible and all that.

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