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2004-08-29 - 3:06 a.m.

It's a scandal!

Myra is in a hotel room with 6 guys. There's a camera and there has been a lot of noise coming from that room. I'll bet the neighbors in the room next door are scandalized. I was there for a few hours myself, but it got too wild for me and I had to get out of there. I left feeling exhausted, with my hair all messed up.


OK - The guys are all 8-10 year olds and it's Elvis Jr's birthday party, but still... noisy... exhausting... and thank goodness it's OVER, for me.

Poooooooor Myra. I think this was good for her state of mind though. She's over there popping confetti cannisters at everyone. That hotel room is TRASHED. I would sho' hate to be the maid that has to clean that room.

My throat is kind of scratchy from screaming. I was playing an X-Box game and I get reeeeally vocal with that. You'd think a monster was really after me. I killed the bad guy. Loudly.

It was a slice of genius, deciding to hold that party at the Holiday Inn. The kids got to have a swimming party and the mess is on their property instead of mine. It worked out great. It is a slumber party, so the fun is still going strong. haha

It could have been a nasty debacle, because the ex-bro-in-law was asked not to bring his boss, I mean girlfriend, and he just couldn't stand up to her and come to the party by himself. The kid wanted it to just be his dad. He says the girlfriend keeps herself between him and his dad and he doesn't get to really spend time with his dad when she is around. I thought Myra was going to pop, because she explained to the girlfriend directly that the boy wanted just his dad to come to the party but she came anyway.

You could not pay me to come to a party where I had been told that I was not welcome. If I just got a hint that I wasn't wanted somewhere, I wouldn't go. The girlfriend lives in fear that Myra will decide to get back with her ex. She knows where she would be if that ever happened. She is very insecure. And she has a good reason to be. It must have been so uncomfortable for her to be there, but she just couldn't take a chance of letting him be there without her supervision.

I said hi to her and acted like she was just like any other person. Myra was a lot nicer than I expected her to be. I thought there might be an ugly showdown or an outright ass-kicking at the party. haha.

Ah... these lives we lead.

There's a dog show in town, so the hotel was full of dogs. Interesting.

Bink said "Hey look! There's Scooby Doo." There was a big dog that did look rather scoobyish.

Speaking of Scoob... Bink recently got a haircut and it looks really cute, but she is hating it. She's all about growing her hair out now. She says that since she has reading glasses, she looks like a dork with the shorter hair and the glasses. So one day I said "You think you look like Vulva (Velma), from Scooby-Doo, don't you?" and we laughed and laughed. So now I never miss a chance to tease her about looking like "Vulva" from Scooby Doo.

I told my mom to call her "Vulva" at the last family gathering and she did it. It was hilarious. Bink gave me the flattest stare ya ever did see.

I love the flat stare.

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