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2004-03-03 - 7:29 p.m.

Oh yeah... I had a much better day today. We're 3 days into the new deal that was forged against my will at work, and the excrement has already hit the oscillator.

Three different people came to me today to ask me "what the hell are we gonna do?!?!?!?!"

heh heh... I don't know what you guys are gonna do, but I won't be saving the day without a big raise. At least 20%.

Here's the deal: When you admit a Medicaid patient, you have to "pre-certify" them within 24 hours of their arrival to the hospital. You've already admitted them at this point, so you've just got to hope they are approved and you LOSE BIG if they are not approved. This means, you have to send in an H&P and any other medical documentation you can get, within 24 hours of admit. If you miss that 24 hour deadline, you're screwed. They won't pay.

That's why life was so beautiful for my hospital when I was making 20% more money. Cause I typed those vital H&Ps as soon as the patients were admitted, and this caused a seamless payment transaction to occur. So now they are sending all the tapes and 20% of my salary to some lady in the next town, who only comes by to pick up tapes 2 or 3 days a week.

Houston, we have a problem. Today was deadline on a patient that we have no documentation on. If they lose the money for that stay, the boss has officially lost 150% more than he took from my annual salary, and IT'S ONLY DAY THREEEEEE!!!!

Hello Karma, you prompt little vixen.

Next thing ya know, I won't have the documentation I need to establish the CMGs and lengths of stay on the patients. Oops, that happened today, too.

Oh, and let's not forget, I had to turn in billing codes late on one patient because I was not allowed to go online and I needed to consult the board.

This is one of the fastest come uppances I ever saw. It will take the wonder munch a long time to figure out how stupid he was, and an even longer time for him to admit it. It will be entertaining to see what all happens and whether it's more important for him to win the battle, or have a financially successful hospital. Just how much money is he willing to lose in his attempt to cheat me out of one fifth of my pay?

One thing that made my day nicer today was that my doctors went to bat for me again. I heard the medical director loudly exclaim that they were taking a crazy chance on losing this woman with all the experience and knowledge and that if I leave they will look back in about 2 months and they'll all be saying "if only we could get her back".

The owner wasn't there to hear all this, because when he is doing something really shitty to one of his employees, he gets his puppet to do it for him, and he stays his bitch ass far away for a while. It is nauseating how he avoids doing his own dirty work.

When everything goes to shit, as it is bound to do, he *might* eventually realize it is in his own best interests to reinstate my former salary and stop fucking around. The doctors are mad, the employees who depend on me are panicked, and it's already cost him a buttload of money to screw me over.

I could be typing all the H&P's for them and this would ensure their pre-certs for medicaid and the estimated length of stays that forms the basis of their treatment plans. They could send out the rest to the new lady, because it is not as time sensitive. But I'm not doing that unless my salary is reinstated.

I got an incredible amount of stuff done in the past few days. With no transcription to do, I was able to accomplish a huge amount of work. Plus, I can listen to the radio all day and before I had earphones in and heard doctor voices all day.

Overall, I had a much better day. I am interested to watch and see how hideously wrong everything will have to go before yoinkydoink does the right thing.

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