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2005-05-05 - 10:53 p.m.

I saw something yucky this evening. I got on the elevator in the hotel and a couple ran up to ride the elevator with me. It was an old decrepit looking fellow, whose name, I believe, was Oldie McOld. He was extremely skinny and wrinkly with a whole lot of bushy white hair and a long grizzly looking beard. His "companion" was a very hot looking, young black woman wearing slutty, slutty ho-duds.

Somewhere on the 9th floor of this hotel there is some hot, sweaty, semi-flaccid, geezer lovin' going on.

Or it could be a Viagra night. Who knows? Any way you slice it, it's yucky. And it's paid for.


Them ho's be earnin' their money the hard way.

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