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2006-08-18 - 1:03 p.m.

I'm trying to unload 2 of my 4 tickets to the Staind concert, because 2 of the people I picked up tickets for are not going now. I work in a hospital and I know that most of my black co-workers have no idea who Staind is. My only hope of selling these tickets around here is to find somebody white within a certain age range. I know approximately what demographic I'm working with here. So I was trolling the workplace for possible customers when I spotted a likely target in the nurses station. My target was a big hetero guy who happens to be an RN. They make the good bucks. This guy is married, but I thought he might want to take his kid or something like that.

So I approached my quarry and made a little small talk... and suddenly, I said "SO - do you want to go to the Staind concert that's coming up?" (Guy registers look of shock, followed by sly grin... because he totally thought I was asking him out.) I quickly threw in there "I mean do you want to BUY 2 tickets to the Staind concert?" (followed by cheesy grin of awkwardness)

He pretended not to hear that part about buying the tickets and said "Well, sure! But we're going to have to keep it on the downlow so my wife doesn't find out."

Har Har.

The other 2 nurses in the room started laughing because they thought I was asking him out too.


In another co-worker fraternization incident I was asked to attend all the Saints games in the upcoming season with someone who is .... can you guess it.... do ya know?

Married! Yep.

I declined, being neither a sports fan nor a married man enthusiast. That's a big negative there, Sparky. This is the same married guy who always hits on me at work. I think he believes the hype about redheads. And divorcees.

Maybe I am a firey vixen and I just didn't know it. Yeah. That must be it.


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