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2006-08-01 - 1:31 p.m.


I was so very, very happy in the knowledge that I was carrying around my tickets to the Seether concert. I may have mentioned Seether a time or two in this blog. They are my favorite band and I also am deeply in love the front man, Shaun Morgan.

Well, happiness, get the fuck outta here. That particular bit of euphoria in my world is snuffed out now, because my boy is in drug rehab. He started treatment on July 31st, just in time to cancel all August performances.

I am really disappointed that Seether had to pull out of the concert, but I want Shaun to be ok and he needs to take care of himself right now. His health is more important than my one night of entertainment. I'll bet it really sucks to be him today. If I could take some of the pain for him, I would. I hope he doesn't suffer too much and once he's detoxed, I hope he feels totally strengthened and renewed.

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