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2011-03-02 - 8:40 p.m.

Where is the line between arrogant denial and straight up psychotic delusion?

Did you see Charlie Sheen talking about how awesome he is? And how he is able to handle massive doses of drugs because he is different from everyone else? He said he is proud of his drug binges because he was making magic and showing people things they would have never had a chance to see. (Like an aging, drugged out celebrity being obnoxious at full volume?) He said that the people he partied with would have that great memory all their lives, even if he never remembers them... or something to that effect.

When asked if he worried about dying, he said he is not at all worried about that. Apparently "dying is for losers". Nevertheless, he looks sick, skinny, haggard, and addicted. It's tragic when you think about how he was when he was first starting out in movies. Tragic.

In case anyone hasn't seen this ubiquitous train wreck of an interview / denial fest, check it out here:


Copy and paste it to your browser. I don't remember the linky command.

If you've ever known a true addict, you'll recognize the mannerisms and total arrogant denial. If he doesn't wake up soon, he's going to be dead.

Just my opinion. I could be totally wrong. Right?

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