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2004-02-27 - 4:36 p.m.

The ASSHOLE who owns the hospital I work at will not even sit down in a room and discuss anything with me, much less negotiate.

He said I cannot have a 4 day week along with my 20% pay cut. He did not read my written offer. He did not speak with me directly. He just told his puppet to call me in and give me a paper saying I am getting a big pay cut and that I agree to it, and they actually expected me to sign it.

I refused to sign the paper and left for the day. But not before I loudly informed the Administrator of my position. I told him I will come back next week and either sign it, or resign. I am trying to get a conversation with the fucking asshole that owns the place before I make my final decision. He is such a coward.

Our physical therapist quit in DISGUST yesterday, for his own reasons. Basically, he was over-worked because ass-boy was too cheap to get him an assistant. With a full census, he cannot do everything alone. There's a lot of that going around at our hospital. Now he is pissed off, and I am utterly certain he is reporting our facility to Medicare for some things he felt was fraudulent. I hope Medicare comes in and shuts us down.

I did not quit today, because some degree of negotiation may still be possible, but once I exhaust every chance at that, I am leaving.

They are not going to find a person who can do the job I do for them. It is a rare speciality. Very rare. I will move on and let them lose $2,000.00 - $4,500.00 per patient, as they did before I came there and saved their stupid, ungrateful asses. The owner is up shit creek without a paddle and he has no idea. He's too stupid to protect his own interests.

On top of everything else, the idiots took the internet access out of my office. They are afraid I'll do a job search online, or God forbid, check my personal email. I need the internet for most of my job, and I do not use the internet, except on breaks. I am not abusing their internet service. Now I have a transcriptionist sending medical records through email, and I have no way to retrieve it in the medical records office.

They are a bunch of stupid fuckers. I am going to demonstrate the idiocy at every opportunity, by not helping the documentation reach the charts. When we lose documents, they will just be gone, because the dumbasses won't save it. Right now, when I need a document, all I have to do is print it out, but that is a thing of the past.

Now my patient database will be screwed, because the documentation won't be updated, since I won't be able to email the updates in. So ridiculous.

There is a new hospital opening soon and they want to hire me away, so I will probably bide my time and just move over to them as soon as they are ready to roll.

I am going to expose this shit to our doctors, because they like me and will be very angry when they hear what has happened. They have been lobbying in my defense for months. They could fix it real quick if they all threatened to walk out, but how likely is that? I wish it would happen though. That would be priceless.

I'm pissed off. I've got to do some job searching. Maybe I can find something else and quit sooner.

Thanks for all your prayers, candle lightings, and blood lettings on my behalf. Keep doing it... I need a new job so I can leave this bunch of idiots so they can lose an assload of money that much sooner.

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