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2007-07-16 - 12:33 p.m.

I'm pissed off.

I bought a Toshiba Satellite A105-S4324 laptop back in October of '06 because at the time, it was the biggest baddest laptop with the mostest bestest video card that could be had at the local Office Depot. I needed a bad mamma jamma to run my game, Second Life. My other perfectly good laptop would not run my game and I travel a lot, so I had to have a good gaming notebook for times when I couldn't be home. Scarlett can't be away from the game for extended periods of time, dontcha know.

So like 6 months in, I start getting an occasional failure of the video card. This manifests as an ominous black screen, from which there is no return, other than rebooting the whole computer. Not so fun. Quite annoying, in fact.

This occurance is becoming a regular thing and the frequency of it is increasing. I am thinking it is going to continue to worsen until the card does not work at all. This pisses me off so far beyond all things normal and sane. I bought this piece of shit basically FOR the video card, and the shit don't work right.

I did a little research and found that lots of other people have had this same problem with this particular model of laptop. I guess now I have to begin the unpleasant process of trying to cash in on my 1 year limited warranty. Naturally, that warranty probably does not cover any problems pertaining to video cards. Or any other thing that might actually go wrong within that first year.


If I have to, I will buy a gamers' laptop from Dell or something.

Got any suggestions? It has to be a reeeeeeally good video card to run this game. I'll take suggestions about how to get my old one fixed or new laptops I should consider, or evil ways to exact revenge on the heinous asswipes at Toshiba who sold me a faulty vid card. Any of this info will be appreciated.

Other than this, things are just ducky.

I traveled to the old homestead this past weekend and saw the fam. It was good to see everyone. It went by in a flash and I didn't accomplish all that I needed to while I was there. I have some more stuff at my house that needs to come with me to Texas. I need to get some things done to the house.

This weekend was the parental unit's wedding anniversary. My sister, myramains and I got them a great gift, I do must say. We gave them a romantic 2 night getaway to a bed & breakfast in Hot Springs. My mom flipped out and wanted to go immediately. I thought she was going to kick us out of her house so she could pack and leave. This was a little stressy, since we had not actually paid for the trip yet... couldn't get hold of the Innkeepers on the phone. I didn't want the parents to know we didn't have it all planned and done in advance, so I kinda played it off and fortunately, it worked out. I got it all paid for and set up and then called mom and told her to go ahead and make her travel plans.

So, Whew! Saved face on that one.

The survey STILL hasn't happened at work. I wonderrrrrrrrr when they're coming. I'm SO not feeling this work thing today. I really wish I could have been off today. I need another weekend.

OK, I think I have rambled sufficiently. Later gators!


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