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2004-12-20 - 9:32 p.m.

The Annual Yuleshop went down without any undue parking lot mishaps. I finished all my christmas shopping, except little things like candy. I walked all weekend and my feet are still sore right now. I hope a good night's sleep will fix that. A so-so 5 hours didn't do squat for it. I soaked in the tub and put my feet on the wonderful God-given jets of happiness.

I was pitiful today with my crippled down self. I wore really impractical shoes on the big shopping trip and my feet were not just hurting... they were stinging and hurting. They felt like they were going to bleed. I stayed in my office and didn't walk down the 2 long corridors today. When I got back here, my feet were too sore to park my own car and walk, so I got the valet to park it. Then, I was going to get room service, but they didn't have the one thing that sounded good to me, and I am too cheap, even when I am not paying, to give someone twice the price of a sandwich when I know they sell them downstairs for a decent price. So I walked down there. I ended up making several trips back and forth from my room to the restaurant area before I got it together about my dinner. That was a bummer. I walked down there, decided I didn't feel like eating in there, went back to order room service, found out they didn't have what I wanted, so I had to come back down yet again to get a hamburger. It's 6 bucks in the deli, 11 bucks from room service. Then they ADD A GRATUITY. And get a load of this: a soft drink is 3 bucks. There's a machine in the hall where you can get the same drink for 1 dollar. Requires yet another sprint down the incredibly long hallway. I don't have any ice in my ice bucket and there's no way in hell I'm going down that hall again tonight. I'll just drink tap water if I get thirsty.

I am having 2 short work weeks in a row, and you probably are too, Gentle Reader. I guess I am happy about that, though the job hasn't gotten on my nerves yet and this hotel room is nicer than my bedroom at home. I look forward to being here, but it will be good to see the loved ones and do the christmas thang.

Today I went up to the macaw's cage and said "Pretty bird" and one of them repeated it right back to me. They were talkative today.

I have to drag my sore, exhausted, pathetic self to the bed. I hope I make it. I may collapse in a heap on the floor.


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