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2003-07-26 - 10:21 p.m.


My water heater sprung a leak a few months ago and I had it replaced with a brand new fabulous pricey great one. This heater is set so high that you can sustain and injury trying to get your hot and cold mix adjusted right.

So during my shower, I started running out of hot water! I have a big water tank with molten hot water, and I ran out of hot. I guess I was just in there too long. I know my new water heater isn't going bad.

I hate it when I'm in the shower with suds all in my hair and soap all over me and the water starts getting cold. I have to keep doing that thing where I turn the cold off bit by bit just trying to feel the warmth. Once it starts to go, it runs out real fast and I always end up standing there under the frigid cold water, trying to rinse my hair without letting the water cascade all down my back. Because the alternative is getting out soapie. I'm in there doing the most uncomfortable back bend possible. And we have minerals in our water, which makes it slippery. I'm going to bust my ass in the shower one day trying to rinse my hair in the cold water.

Note to self: Shorter showers.

This is probably my paybacks for dousing my unsuspecting sister with the icy cold water when we were kids.

LISTENING TO: Missy Elliot -"Work it" (don't judge me)

RANDOM THOUGHT: I can put my thang down, but I can't flip it or reverse it.

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