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2003-12-09 - 10:09 p.m.


I also got stuck 4 times in a crazed attempt to drag out most of the blood I owned from my body. It wasn't going without a fight.

Actually, the inept oddball who drew the blood was utterly incompetent. I haven't ever had someone miss the vein 3 times like that before. It takes a special level of incompetance to attain that many errors. She finally got my blood by STARTING AN IV IN MY FREAKIN HAND AND SUCKING OUT THE BLOOD THROUGH SOME TUBING.

I was somewhat unimpressed by her style and technique.

I went to see a doctor I work with and she is an excellent doctor. (her phlebotomist sucks ass, but the doctor is wonderful) She wanted to test me for everything, because I've been sick so many times and for so long here lately.

She told me to stop smoking. This is significant, since I am a rabid non-smoker. Not only do I NOT SMOKE, but I never have been a smoker and I don't even use my fireplace, or burn incense because I don't like to smell any kind of smoke.

She said I am extra-super-dog-sensitive to things like smoke and other allergens and it makes me proned to bronchitis and other upper respiratory problems, especially after the mother of all bronchitis episodes that I had 2 years ago.

I have 3 new meds and she put me on a diabetic diet and told me to cut out my BELOVED caffeine because it's giving me fibrocystic boobs.

And we can't have that.


Then, I got back to work and my boss wanted to know what took me so long. As if I had been shopping at the mall or something.

I am hatching a plan to revert to being an independent consultant once again so I can stop answering to people whose only goal in life is to control my every thought and deed. I have a valuable skill that everyone needs right now in the rehab world, and I am about to branch out.

This entry will become even more intractably boring if I follow the current path of "job topic" so I'll spare ya. Let's just say I do something that can be done on a very part time basis, but there's potential for very big money and when I was doing it before, I gave it up to take this full time nightmare I currently toil under each and every micro-managed day. I thought this would be more secure. Hardy har har.

I am going to go back to full time consulting when I have another client or 3. Then I can be happy and carefree once again.

Back to my health: Freakin Walmart Pharmacy!! They were out of my Synthroid last time I went and today they were out of the anti-biotic that was going to whip the ass of this bronchitis for me.

Tell me Gentle Reader, WHY doesn't Walmart order enough damn meds???? They KNOW we're coming. They KNOW we need our meds. Why, oh why, do they CONSISTENTLY UNDERSTOCK???????????????

Myra is PMSing. She's even crankier than me. We have a household consisting of 3 women and 2 loud children who constantly neeeeeeeeeeeed something every God forsaken moment of life, and the neeeeeeeeeeed is so very great that even a miniscule delay in gratification brings on a torrential downpour of red-ass. We need a sound proof box that locks from the outside so we can catch a break around here.

That, or a mallet and some ether.

I think this is where some flawless woman who really doesn't have anything to stress about puts her tiny wrist to her delicate brow and breathlessly says "Calgon, take me away!"

Fuck Calgon, I need a "Wallabe Darned" from The Outback!!

Bis morgen, mein freund!

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