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2005-09-07 - 6:21 p.m.

My weekend was a mixed bag. I had the astounding good fortune to get to spend the Labor Day holiday in Hot Springs, my favorite Spa town, with my old friend Teresa. We've been buddies since the second grade. Aside from one horrible feature, the weekend was fantastic.

Sadly, I had the astounding MISfortune of developing this scratchy dry throat problem while I was driving up to Hot Springs. Little did I know, the scratchy dry throat was the pleasant part of the illness. The next day I had a really sore throat and I started to cough. Next day, I was having rapid fire sneezes that went to the soles of my feet and burned all the way down. The next day, more sneezing and coughing fits and each day I just felt like hammered shit when I woke up in the mornings.

Being the trouper that I am, I dragged myself to my 3, count 'em *3* massages. I did the whole thermal bath, hot packs, and massage experience. I went to the great restaurants with Teresa. We tried to go out drinking and watch some live bands, but I felt like trampled poo and when we got to the place where the "live band" was, I found that the band members were so geriatric that they won't be a "live" band for much longer. Ya know?

The music... No. Just no.

There were a whole lot of polygrip kings and little old ladies with blue hair shucking and jiving... not exactly what I had in mind.

So the partying thing didn't work out so much. But we had a lot of fun talking and eating and getting massages. When I got home, I still had one day off, so I got to lay around and try to recouperate for a day before going back to work. Today I went back to work and was miserable. Everyone told me I looked like I felt really bad and I should go home. They finally ganged up on me and kicked me out at about 1:00 pm.

Now I'm waiting for Myra to serve me up some chicken and dumplings. hehe. We both inherited Granny's knack for making dumplings. I don't think any other dinner would sound as good to me as that. I need comfort food. I'm not going to worry about the complex carbs in it. Don't care, can't care, won't care!

I wonder if I can get her to spoon feed it to me.

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